Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Hostage

My eyes were taped up the whole time.

My hands were pulled behind my back, my wrists were crossed and tied with a strong rope.

They shoved me onto a metal chair, my arms forced on the sides.  It was to wide and was forcing the ropes to cut deep into my wrists as they were being pulled apart.  I broke out in a cold sweat.

They tied each of my upper arms to the sides of the chair, with rope winding around my tricep, and tightened between my bicep on the chair. My arms began to beat as the blood was cut off.

Pushing my head back, they forced my wrists up high behind the chair, put a rope between them, and tied it a few times around my neck.    I was feeling helpless, wondering what they were going to do to me.

With my arms now secured they pulled off my shoes, socks and jeans, and tied my legs together around my knees and ankles.  They pushed my feet under the seat of the chair, put a rope between my ankles and tied it back to my wrists.  "Great, if I move my hands or arms I'll choke myself to death!"

Ripping my tank top off of me, they forced my mouth open and shoved it down my throat.  I remember it was salty from my sweat.  The kept it in place as a gag with ropes on the cloth between my teeth and around my head.

They slapped me around a little bit, punched my gut twice, and played with a knife across my belly and chest.  I forced myself to stay calm, and not to jerk --- the noose was tight enough now.

Then they left me.

It was hot.  I sweated like a pig.  My skin was raw from the ropes.  My sweat loosened the adhesive on the tape over my eyes, I could see looking up...

They needed some proof they had me...
Some pictures to motivate them...

This time I saw the knife.

I bit down hard on my shirt in my mouth.

He carved me up a bit.... my shoulders, my chest, my gut.

I did not make a fucking sound.  I did not move as he tortured me.  I wouldn't give the mother fucker the sanctification of hearing me scream or seeing me squirm.  It pissed him off.  He kicked the chair...
I fell onto my side, landed hard.  My right arm broke.  He pulled the tape off my eyes...

He broke me.

He cut me from the chair, hogtied me ankles and wrists.  I was screaming now from the broken arm...
He took the knife, carved the tattoos off of my arms, and stomped me in the balls until I was out cold.

I was a day latter that they found me.  Somehow I was freed from the hogtie, gag and tape.  I was a bloody mess.  I tried to walk but collapsed.  My left leg was broken too.  My ribs were sore... he must have beat me bad.I just lay there, shivering,

The cops said I looked like I had been run over by a truck.

But tomorrow I go to court, for I did see him and will identify him.

But all I wish is that they would give me one hour with him.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Battle - A comic strip

The End
The Beginning

Friday, September 5, 2014

No Trasspassing

I and my friends had our hands behind our back.

It was so quick.

There were 5 of them, armed.

They carried rope and tape.


They said we were trespassing on their property.  We tried to explain.

I was slapped hard across my face.

They emptied my pockets.

"Put your hands behind your back!"

Shit, they are going to tie my hands!

They crossed my wrists and in a few minutes they were tightly bound with rope, my hands quickly getting numb.  It hurt.

They securely taped up my mouth and then bound and gagged my friends.


They pushed me face down into the dust.  I could feel my pulse in my wrists.  The rope was tight.

The rolled up my sleeves above my elbows to my shoulders, baring my arms.

Circling rope around my arms, just above my elbows, and with a foot in my back for leverage, the pulled my arms together and tied them off.  I closed my eyes.  It was torture.  Sweat poured from every pore in my body.  Then they pulled me by my arms to my feet.  I though my shoulders would rip from my body.  They lines us up in a row, a foot apart, and with a long rope tied us together by the neck.

They marched a gunpoint, bound and gagged, for hours.


I was soaking with sweat.  No so much from the forced hike in the woods, but from the ropes on my arms,   They stressed my chest, collar and spine.  My profuse sweat attracted hundreds of bugs.  They landed on my face, my eyes, in my ears and nose.  I needed my hands to swat them away.  It was madness.  Numb arms, sweat soaked face, a rope around my neck, walking for hours, and being eaten alive!


When we got to our destination,  From behind someone put me in a choke hold while another bent down and tied my ankles.  Then they beat me, gut punching my body over and over, until I collapsed on my knees and fell on my face.  I had no fight left in me.  Someone put me over his shoulder and dumped me onto the floor of an old barn.  I lay there, panting for breath, wanting to puke, but I knew, the way I was gagged, I would choke to death on my own puke!


They used a lot more rope on my, putting me into a tight hogtie, each leg roped, legs bent and my ankles tied to my elbows.  They put another rope around my neck, pulled my head back, and tied my neck to my elbows.  My arms lifted up from my back and waves of pain caused me to almost blackout.  With my arms pulled up it was easy to get rope around my upper arms, and again heave them even closer together.  My shoulders dislocated and I lost consciousness.


This was our punishment for trespassing.  They told us in 24 hours they would let them know where we were.  Until then we lay on our bellies, hogtied, unable to move.  The blood oozing from mixed with my sweat.  I could smell myself, a horrid odor of piss, caked blood and dried sweat.  My neck was raw, also bleeding. There was no sounds, except a gagged moan now and then coming from deep within my gut.  I just closed my eyes, and focused, doing all I could from becoming insane!