Thursday, June 25, 2015

The escaped convicts

We never heard them until the broke in.
One had a gun.
We realized at once that these were the convicts who escaped from the maximum security prison in New York!  All the reports said they were long gone...

But here they were...

Staring us the the face!!!

Now our hearts were exploding in our chests.  We were kneeling on the floor with our hands behind our heads.  Our cabin is small, and they quickly spied our hunting rifles, piles of rope and tape.

One of them loaded my rifle and put it into the back of my head.

"What you boys do with all this rope?"
"We like to tie each other up I said."
"That's a good idea.  I am going to bind you boys.  You have all that we need....  quads, food, guns.  Did we pick the right place or what?"
"Stop the mouth and tie them up.  And make it tight, very tight!"

He methodically bound Frank and Eddie.  Then they took the stores, the guns and ammo, shut off the power, and left in the quads....

The two twenty-two year olds BOUND AND GAGGED!


They made us go outside about 100 yards from the house.  We lay in the dirt with our arms behind our backs, next to each other.  He shoved a washcloth into my mouth, then taped up my head.  I was now blind and gagged.  Crossing my wrists, be tied them with rope as tight as he could.  Then he did the same to Frank.

I heard the other now walking through the woods.  "This will do it," he said.  My arms were lifted up from my back, and a thick, sturdy branch was laid across both our backs, with my bicep muscles on top of it.  He looped rope around my elbows, above the joint, and, with his foot on the branch pulled my arms together.  I bit down on the gag --- the pain was excruciating as he lashed my arms together.  Using more tape, he circled my forearms from my elbows down to my hands, now taped into a fist.

He worked my upper arms, binding each to the branch, first diagonally and then tightening it in between.  Not only did it serve as a tourniquet, cutting off my blood, but it pinched my skin, a torture from the rough branched.

Now with Frank and I arm bound, he worked my legs, binding my thighs and ankles, crossed.  Bending my legs back, he sat on my shins.  Waves of cramps tortured me and he bound my ankles to the branch, between my arms.  Frank hogties me a lot, but I was never bound like this---  I could not move.  I heard Frank gag scream as the worked on him.

Then I panicked.  He circled a rope several times around my neck!

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as far as he could and tied the ropes from my neck to the middle of the branch.

That was it.

"I was going to kill the two of you, but this is better.  You will slowly choke to death!"

I head the quads leave, the woods silent except for the gagged groans of Frank and I.


I am totally confined.
I can't move anything.
I'm blind.
I'm gagged.
I'm tied...

My neck...
My shoulders...
Down my spine...
My arms..


Eddie jerked a bit,  The rope got tighter on my neck.  I gagged and tried to speak.  He stopped moving.  "Fuck, I am slowly choking to death next to my best friend!  And nobody is looking for them around here anymore."

At first the rain was gentle, welcome, almost soothing.
But the thunder got louder and louder
And the train became torrential...
The temperature dropped...
And even my shivers made the rope a little tighter.

It shouldn't be long now.  I was losing my strength fast.  How long has it been, hours?

I can hold on...  I can do this....


Eighteen year old Jake was out early.  The woods had that special smell after a heavy rain.  He parked his quad near Ed and Frank's cabin.  He knocked but nobody was there.  He did not see their quads, and figured they were not up for the weekend.  Her had finally mustered the courage to ask these guys to tie him up -- he wanted to check out his endurance and strength.

He took his archery set from the quad and started to trek through the woods.

Listening, he heard some noise, strange noise, deep low sounds, like somebody coughing.

He walked in the direction and then...


The boys necks were bleeding, their faces blue.  Jake realized they were dying.

He grabbed his knife and cut their necks free.  Pulling off the tape, he pulled out their gags.  They were panting for breath,  "They couldn't tie each other up like this," he thought.  "Somebody must have did this to them."  Ed was breathing more regular now, and could see Jake.  He was whispering..

Jake pulled out his cell and dialed 911.  He gave a quick summery of the situation and GPS coordinates.  Then he began to cut Ed and Frank free.

They were quivering, 
Holding on to each other.
Arms and necks dripping blood.

Jake heard some quads..

"What if it is them?"

All he had was his bow and arrows.

He preped.  Waited.  Heart pounding in his chest.

When the quads got near he could see it was the NY State Police.  There was an EMT with them and he began to work on the boys.

Jake just stood there.  Unbelievable.  He just saved Frank and Ed's lives."


Several weeks latter

"That should hold you for a while Jake," Frank and Ed said.  "You're sure you're ok and want to be left like this"  Jake nodded.

"OK, we'll be back tomorrow morning"

Jake nodded and Ed and Frank left the hogtied boy strung up.

"This if fucking awesome," Jake thought as he started to struggled in the ropes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

South of the Boarder

The light flooded the dark cell where the three seniors from Central High School had been taken to.  Just graduated last week, the wrestlers, team mates and best friends, had gone South of the Boarder for some fun.  Soon, all three would be going their different ways.

But they were in a dark cell, their hands tightly handcuffed behind their backs.

And when the cell door opened, this American Dude told us we were going to be sold to some Mexican drug lords, to be held for ransom or worse.

"They removed the handcuffs and made me strip down to my shorts.  I was made to lay on my stomach and again put my hands behind my back.  I expected to be cuffed again, and maybe they would tie my feet with something.  My heart was exploding in my chest.  It was hot.  I was sweating .profusely.  Someone tied a cloth around my eyes, plunging me again into darkness.  Someone's hands grabbed my forearms and pushed them together and pulled them up from my back.  It was painful, but I kept silent, not wanting to antagonize.  They began to bind my arms with rope, first above my elbows, then my wrists.  They worked it around my upper arms and heaved it to the point where I thought they would rip my arms from my body.  I could no longer hold back the screams.  They shoved part of my shirt into my mouth, salty from my sweat.  They tied another cloth, between my teeth and around my head, like the one that blindfolded me.

They crossed my ankles and tied them, my knees and my thighs.  Then I was lifted up and taken outside.  The air was hot and humid, which only added to my misery.  They dumped me into the back of a truck.  Bugs started to land on me.  I was squirming, trying to keep them off me as the cops who arrested us laughed their asses off at the show.  The other were dumped in with me, and we were covered over.  The air was stagnate.  It was hard to breath, for the way I was bound stressed my chest.

We drove, bouncing around like a ball, smashing our heads on the truck bed and each other.

After what seemed like an eternity we finally stopped.

"Colgar ellos por sus pies!"

Now I had flunked my junior Spanish class but did remember a few words....

Something about our feet.  What were they going to do to our feet?

But the next words were in perfect English,

|"Yeah, let's string them up by their ankles!"


"Hanging upside down.  Bound and gagged, our sweat forming puddles below us.

The room stank of alcohol and pot.

Someone came by and slapped my stomach a few times.

He bent down to my face.  The smell of his breath made we want to puke.

"Voy a torturate!"

He ripped the gag from my mouth.

"Please don't torture me.  They will pay they money."

He kicked me in the face.

"Callate.  Solo quiero oir sus gritos."

"Fuck, he wants to hear my screams."

My wrists were grabbed, and my bound arms pulled down hard.  My screams filled the place and they further pulled down my arms until my biceps were near my neck.  A rope between my wrists secured them there.  I heard my shoulders tear from my sockets.  Every breath was a scream.

I had expected to be whipped or something, cut up maybe, but this, stretched out ankles to wrists, up-side-down, shoulders straining with stabbing pain. All I could do was scream."

"We were finally cut down.  I could not move, not just from the ropes but my tortured arms felt dead.  Again we were gagged.  Carried back into the truck, this time they hogtied me.  We drove again for a white, finally stopped.

The hogtie was cut and I was carried out and put on my feet next to my friends.

They pulled off my blindfold.

We saw a ditch.  I wondered if they shoot you first and let you fall in, or if the dump you in and shoot all of us at the same time.

A kick to my back... I tumbled into the ditch.  My friend fell on top of me.

So this was it, I thought.

We could see one of them, standing there,

Screaming down at us.
Shooting into the air.
The final torture, the torture of terror. 

I was working my gag and got it loosed.

"Get it over with you mother fucker!"

I closed my eyes.  

There were shots.

Lots of them.

Another weight fell on us.

I opened my eyes... was the guy with the gun, riddled with bullets.






Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Arroyo Brothers

Christobal Arroyo looked at his kid brother's face.
Still unconscious from being beaten up.

Gagged like him.

Arms secured tightly with rope behind his back.

A strong tree branch across his back under his biceps, each tied to it.

His bound elbows lashed around his torso, deep into his spine.

His roped legs bent back and bound to his wrists.

The knotted bandanna between his teeth.

A tight hogtie.

Christobal had tied his kid brother up a lot.

But not as tight as this.

Jaime started to stir.

He blinked his eyes.

He was coming to.

He opened his eyes and looked into his older brother and say him bound and gagged.

He tried to speak but was gagged tight.

They he squirmed and fought against his bonds.

He stopped

Christobal shook his head.  Jaime saw the blood on his arms and wrists.  His brother had also been trying.

To no avail.

A cold chill went down their spines.

They were kidnapped!

Tightly tied up.

And not knowing what will happen to them.


They came in and tied another bandanna around my eyes. Cutting the rope between my ankles and wrists they tied a noose from the roof and put it around my boots.  Then they hoisted me up so I was hanging from my feet.  I could hear Jaime's groans has he was being dragged across the floor and strung up.  His body bounced into mine.  He were touching each other, chest to chest.  Then they began to duct tape us together, from our ankles to our necks.  I could feel my brother's heart pumping in his chest, his sweat drenching me as mine was him.  My head was exploding!  The blood was rushing down.  If they left us like this, I knew we would soon be dead.  But we were lowered, down to the ground.

They grabbed us and lifted us up and carried us some distance.  Our terrified groans were masked by our gags. He were dropped.  A car hood slammed over us.  And they took off, Jamie and I helplessly roped and taped.


Again we were lifted and carried from the trunk.  We were put on our feet.  I could smell the woods and knew we were in the forest.  They put us between two trees.  A rope was tied around my neck to one tree, Christoper's neck to the other.

"You're father paid the ransom.  $ 2 million.  I sending him your GPS position now."

They left.

We stood like that for several hours, not daring to move a muscle for fear of falling and choking.  We just stood there sweating profoundly, feeling each others' pounding heart, smelling each other's breath.

Finally the rangers came.  They cut us down, and cut us free.  We sat on the Ranger's quads as they drove us into the hands of our waiting father, our arms and necks scared with rope burn.