Sunday, July 26, 2015

072715 JO Pic of the week: Just a few more questions

Day early this week!


Held for Ransom!

The Duffy boys were hanging from their cuffed wrists.

A rope from the center of the cuffs strung up each man to a beam in the cieling.

The steel cuff had cut through their skin to the bone.

Blood flowing down their forearms matted the hairs on their arms.  It stopped at the ropes that bound their elbows together behind their heads, giving the brown rope a reddish hue.  The same rough rope was tied around their necks, bound to each of their biceps.  It was very tight.

They were stripped to the waist.

Their arm pits, on fire from being hung by their wrists, pour down sweat to the sides of their bodies.

Their ankles were bound around their work boots --- their thighs were also tied around their jeans, just above their knees.

A rope from their ankles went down the few inches their feet were off the floor, and was tied to hook. Thus, not only were they strong up, they were racked.

Their shirts had been torn to pieces and shoved into their mouths.  The gag was held in place by a knotted bandanna tied between their teeth and around their heads.

Their heads, bent down, dropped sweat from their brows onto the rotten wooden floor.

It was time from the show....

The video show.

The ransom pictures show.


The plastic bag their put over my head was tied at the neck.  It did not take long for me to suffocate. My racked body was twitching for the camera as the bag got tighter on my face, distorting my appearances.  My two brothers, strung up behind were screaming in their gags for them to stop.  Sweat and blood spraying from me, my contorted face showing the terror of death.

They pulled it off.

I gasped for air.

They pounded my face with their fists until I was knocked out - cold.


It was hard to come to----

To get my senses back.

From their torture.

But I was no longer strung up.

My arms, numb, were behind my back.



My ankles were now tied to my wrists, hogtying me.

I was squeezed tight with my two brothers.

There was very little light, but I could see wood.


We were hogtied in a large wooden crate.  And the air was stale from our sweat and piss.  I was on top of my two brothers, the top of the crate pressed down on my body.  If it was nailed maybe I could  kick off the lid, but being hogtied made that impossible.  My brothers came to, and we became a mass of squirming sweaty flesh desperately looking for some way of escape.


They poured the gasoline all over the top of the crate.  We were in total panic.  All of us realized that they were going to burn us alive!!!

We strained with every ounce of strength we had against our bonds, but no one could escape from being tied up the way we were.

I never felt so helpless in my life, so terrified, wondering at the pain we would feel as the flames consumed our bodies.

Were they waiting for the ransom to get rid of us?

How much time did we have.

I fumbled my hands to my back pocked.  My cell phone was still there.  They forget to search us completely.  I could not see but I knew where my contacts were.  I just starting texting blindly  ---  HELP HELP and prayed that I was also sending my location.

My brothers heard the beeps, and realized what I was doing.  We hoped that being squashed together would muffle the noise....

Soon the battery died.

And so did I, inside.

All I could do was shiver and wait.


The sound of gunshots brought us back from our terror.  There were screams that were hard to hear.  They all was quiet.

We will always remember the sound of the crowbar pulling the nails from the lid.

The light blinded our eyes.  The air smelled of gasoline.

We say the SWAT cops looking down at us.  "Let's get these guys out of this!"

The cut our hogtie and lifted us out.  The cut each one of us from the ropes, but the handcuffs would have to wait...  so our arms were still bound behind our backs.  As we waited for a medivac, we saw our kidnappers, dead, killed by the SWAT team as they broke in...

"We got here just in time," one of the cops said.




Tuesday, July 21, 2015


They made us kneel with our hands behind our backs.  One held the gun, the other bound our wrists with plastic cuffs, our ankles with zip ties, and blind folded and gagged us with tape.  Now bound, we were helpless as they carried us, one by one, down to the garage,

They dumped the three of us in the trunk and closed the hood tight on us.  "If we hear a sound we'll just shoot through the back seat."  The trunk was too small for the three of us and we were pressed together.  We drove off.

We knew when we left the main road and was on a dirt road in the desert from the bumps and the heat.

The hot sun beat down on us, and the temperature rising in the trunk:  the air was stagnant and we were in polls of sweat.  We desperately tried to free our hands, but only cut up our wrists.

We lost track of time.....

Until we finally stopped....

They popped the truck:  the fresh air was welcome.  They carried our drenched bodies out of the trunk.  We could hear creeks from a wooden floor.

They dumped us onto the floor.

Then we were roped.

 With a coarse rope... tight.  It quickly scraped our skin raw.

Then the left us.  Tied... helpless.


They got my elbows together.  Tied.  They cut off the plastic cuffs, crossed and tied my wrists.  shirt. The rope sawed through my already slashed wrists.  Then they made me kneel, , cut off my shirt, looped around my upper arms, pulled, and circled my chest.  Tying a rope from between my wrists, then passed it between my legs, pulled up, squashing my balls and tied it around my waist.  I double over from the pain from my balls, but they only kicked me so I crashed on my back.

They cut the plastic ties from my ankles, pulled off my shoes, socks and pants, leaving me in my shorts.  Kicked now onto my belly, they bent each of my legs, and tied each one bent... around my ankles and thighs.  Now not only were my arms stressed, by my legs cramped.  They pushed my bent legs together and tied my big toes with a long rope that went to my head.  Pulling my hair back, they ripped off the tape gagging me, and tied it between my teeth, taping again over it.  I had to lay their, perfectly still for any movement at all became torture.

All we could do was moan... sweat... piss and shit on ourselves.  What were hours seemed like days. Soon hunger and thirst creeped in.  It was maddening. I tried to keep calm, I forced my self to keep calm until I snapped, bucked like a hogtied steer desperately trying to escape....

I cut myself to shreds, ended on my side...

Hoping to die.


That was five years ago.  We're all healed now, and after college, went our separate ways.  We were like that for 26 hours.  Now we are at an anniversary reunion, back in the same place,  to relive our kidnapping...

And I just bound one of my friends....

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


"So you say my add:  "test you metal."  And your 18 and signed up for the Marines."


"Do you know how we do this test?"

"Not really."

"I make it as real as it can be...."

"Like boot camp?"

"No, Like being captured by terrorists - prisoner of war.  I tie you up and torture you!"

McQuillan had some hesitation.   He figured he would be doing like hundreds of push-ups.  He nevered figured he would get tied up --- yet, it was always a dark fantasy him -- bound and helpless and needed to endure it.

"So what do you say kid.....

"Go ahead man, tie me up!"


He opened a sack and through the youth a role of duct tape and two shop rags.  "Shove the rags in your mouth kid, and tape around your head over your mouth 5 times.  McQ  gagged himself.  A strange feeling, like a tingling was moving through his body.  "Now take this rope and bind your feet."  McQ tied his ankles together, using a square lashing he learned in the scouts, around his ankles several times, then tightened the rope between his feet.

"You seem to be good at this kid."  McQ nodded his head.

"Now hands behind your back."  McQ felt the ropes being tied tighter and tighter.  It began to hurt, then hurt more.  He was beginning to wonder how real this would be....

Now with his hands bound he felt that helplessness.....

"Last chance boy.  You sure you want to do this -- I mean make it real?"

McQ nodded.

The punch was quick in his face and gut, again and again until the boy doubled over on the floor.  With two kicks to his balls and another punch in the face, McQ was out cold.


I came too.  I was on a wooden floor.  My eyes were puffed up from the punches.  It was hard to see.

I then felt waves of pain.  I screamed into my gag.

He had tied me up in a way that was constant torture...

My wrists had been pushed up to my the back of my neck.  My elbows were roped together.  My forearms were tied together, and my biceps were roped as close as they could behind my back without tearing my arms from my body.

My knees and thighs had been tied, and my legs bent to my ankles touched the back of my thighs.  Cramps.

"Real enough for you boy?"
"I nodded - yes"
"Ready to be untied?"
"Again yes."

"No way boy -- I am going to enjoy torturing you."

McQ panicked and trashed in his bounds.

"Fuck.  This is no game.  This is real and his is insane!!!"

McQ heart was pounding in his chest......

He kicked him over until he was on his back, multiplying the pain from his arms and legs.

He grabbed the youth and now taped over his eyes....

McQ was breathing heavy now.

He tore open his shirt, and pulled his undershirt over his head.

"See Rambo boy?  How when he was a POW they tied him up and cut up his chest?"

McQ was screaming now as loud as his gag permitted.  He was squirming in the ropes as he felt the blade of a knife playing his his pecs and gut.

"So this is it," his clouded mind thought.  I am really going to be tortured!!!!"

He felt the knife in his belly-button.

"Ready for the cut boy?

With all his might he forced words:  GO FUCK YOURSELF!

The blindfold was pulled off his eyes.

The gag was pulled out.

"Hold on boy let me untie you...."


"You passed your test kid.  You proved your metal."

McQ arms were shaking as the blood flowed again.  "Better put those sleeves down.  That rope burn will be on you for a few days---- and by the way kid, want a beer?"

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


They made us sit, cross legged - back to back - with our hands on top of our heads.

Then they lashed our torso's together with a strong rope that first cris-crossed our chests and then circled our guts.  The ropes was pulled so tight that my belly was caved in and my chest felt crushed.

Taking my arms they put my wrists in front of Kenny's gut and locked them there with hinged handcuffs.  My wrists strained against the steel.  When Ken's wrists were cuffed in front off me, I could see how the steel cut deep into his skin and bone.

Since our upper arms now overlapped each others', the lashed them together with rope, first circling around our arms and then tightening it between them.  I could see Ken's veins popping through his skin as his lower and and wrists began to change into a purple hue.

Our crossed ankles were now bound as our upper arms were.  Then the pushed in our bound feet and roped around each of our thighs and shins, again frapping the rope between our legs.  At once waves of agony surged through me as my hamstrings cramped.  I could feel the sweat now pouring down my face.

They grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, shoving a rag deep down my throat.  I can still hear the sound of the duct tape being pulled off of the roll, circling my mouth and eyes, over and over around my head.

I panicked when the rope tightened around my neck, pulling my head back as far as it could, and tied to the cuffs binding my wrists in front of Kenny's gut.  I knew at once that if we moved anything, we could choke!

Finally that took a sack and put it over both our heads, duct taping it at our necks.  Soon a must smell of sweat and breath became a torture of its own.

When the left us we moaned and groaned.  These was nothing we could do except to be totally motionless and BOUND!