Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hijacked ----- Part 1


They were in the back of the truck, bound hands, elbows, knees and ankles.  Their shirts were torn, stuffed in the mouths, and taped in place with the camouflage tape that had brought for any tent repairs.

They were on their backs, in the back of the truck

Two were in the cab.

The one who tied them up sat in the back with the bound men.  He held a sharp hunter's knife....

 ...which he kept tracing the point of their knife, circling it around their nipples, belly buttons, and faces.



He tied a rope between my bound feet and dragged me out of the truck, across the ground, scraping to shreds the backs of my arms.  When we got inside, he put me on my knees, tied a rope between my wrists, put it under my legs, and pulled up.  It was like being kicked in the balls, and I doubled over with pain.  He pushed me to I fell on my face.

Taking a strong old piece of wood, he forced it under my upper arms and pushed it across my back.  Dozens of splinters pricked into my flesh.  He lashed each of my upper arms to it, tightening it between my bicep and the wood.  He kept making it tighter and tighter until the cords cut through my skin and into my muscle.

He removed my hiking boats, cut off my socks, tied my two big toes together, bent my legs back, and tied my toes with a long rope to my bound elbows.

From the two ends of the board protruding from my body, he tied rope that he had thrown over a beam in the roof.  With the help of one of the others, he hoisted me up until my bent knees were a few inches off the floor.

I was screaming in the gag, but he punched me a few times in my face to shut me up.  I was hanging, watching the tie up my two friends and string them up like me...

I looked down at the old dry wood floor...............

Drips of blood and sweat mingled below me.


Thursday, August 27, 2015


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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Staked out


"We are at the cabin now.  The door is open and their cloths and food stuffs are there, but there is no sign of the Beckham brothers!!!!"


The ransom demand was $1 million for each of the three brothers.
The text messages included three pictures...
Each of the boys.
Striped to the waist
Tortured by ropes binding them...
Exposed in the hot sun...

Slowly dying....


We were staked out.
Our wrists and ankles spread out.
Our bodies stretched...
Two stakes were at each of our biceps, elbows, forearms, thighs and knees.
Rope bound our arms and legs to them.
We could not move.
Two stakes were pounded into the ground on both sides of our heads.  Our necks were tied to them.
We could not turn our faces as we were torched by the sun.


Our chests and gut heaved up and down, squirming to get out of the sun.  Our fingers searched for knots, only to feel a bloody mess on our wrists.  It got hotter and hotter.  The knotted bandanna between our cracked lips could not muffle our intermittent screams and moans.  The sweat the covered our faces and chests soon dried up,  We were dehydrating -  slowly dying.  Time did not move.  Once in a while a small breeze came through, a second of relief from the torture.  All we could do is burn in this hell.


When the cut me from the ground, I could not stand.  Not only were the front of my body, my face and the backs of my arms blistered, but my pits and crouch hurt like hell from being stretched out.  They poured some bottled water over the gag between my teeth,  Then I was put over a shoulder and put inside the pump house.

"Please don't tie me again, we're not going anywhere."  My gagged plea brought only laughter.

I was drooped onto my stomach.  The old wooden floor touched my blistered flesh and waves of hell surged through my body.  My arms were pulled behind my back, and my bloody and pussed wrists were bound, my ankles crossed and pushed back to my hands and bound to my wrists.

My brothers were then brought in and hogtied.

They left.


We waited to be rescued but no one game.  We could speak somewhat and decided we had to get free.  We moved our tortured bodies enough to get Josh's wrists free.  Soon we were untied.

We stumbled to our feet.  Got the gags out of our mouths.

We walked outside.....

Saw the scorched earth....
The stakes in the ground...
The cut rope.

We collapsed.
We had no strength left.....
I was looking at a vulture circling overhead.  I closed my eyes until the noise was pounding in my ears...


We were soon airlifted to the medical center's burn unit.  On the way we were told that our kidnappers had a shootout with police ---- the three of them were dead.

With my cracked lips I forced a smile.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Time to play a game.

Santiago and Paulo Rojas

They stood facing each other.
Their hands, fingers intertwined, were on top of their heads.
A rifle butt, pressing into their spines pushed them together.

They looked into each other's eyes.
Rope was being circled around them, first pressing their chests, then their guts together.

The gag was tied between their teeth and wads of duct tape applied.

The sweat started to bead on their foreheads.

They pulled the 19 year old arms behind his back, and applied rope to Paulo, working down his body...


Santiago kept eye contact with his younger brother, supporting his as best he could, watching the sweat now pour down his face, his eyes closing tight at times as they tightened, again and again, his bounds.  Then the pulled the 20 year olds arms being his back, and methodologically tied up Santiago.

Pushing their legs together, they bound the two brothers at the knees and ankles.

With a marker the drew the #1 over Santiago's forehead.
Paulo received the # 2.

The brothers looked up as a strong noose was lowered over their heads.

He produced a pack of cards.

Shuffled them.

"Sooner of latter I will find an ace or a deuce!  And the winner gets the noose!"

They shivered in their bounds as he slowly turned the first card...

Santiago had won!

His eyes were wind with terror as the adjusted the noose around his neck.  Paulo, shaking, was gag moaning and crying.....

They covered Santiago's eyes with a cloth.

Paulo was shaking his head "no" as they pushed up his brother's sleeve and forced a syringe into his shoulder.  Santiago jerked then slumped.

Paulo was now holding his brother's weight... keeping him alive.

He pulled back the 19 year old's hair.....

  "In a day or two you'll slump too boy.  The drug lasts for 36 hours.

The cloth covered Paulo's eyes as they left the bound brothers.

He desperately worked his arms and wrists, but it was hopeless.

Finally he worked his gag free.

And the screams began....