Friday, October 24, 2014

They got Jake strung up!


Twenty-one year old Jake Hammond was was coughing into his gag. They had beaten him pretty bad, pounding his gut with their fists as he was held by his arms.  He collapsed to his knees, panting for breath.  One of them squeezed his cheeks:  WE'RE GOING TO STRING UP UP BOY LIKE A DEER FOR BUTCHERING!  Jake could not talk.  A rolled up rage had been shoved down his throat when they abducted him from the gym.  Thick Gorilla tape was put between his teeth and around his head until his whole mouth was covered with wads of tape.  He heard the rattle of keys.  The handcuffs were removed and his arms were pulled from behind his back to his front.  Jake looked at the deep marks left by the handcuffs on his wrists.

The brought in rope.  Jake was scared.  He know whatever they were going to do to him was going to hurt.  He wondered what his limits were.  He watched them tied tie the rope around his crossed wrists. Around and around,  Then between.  Tightening more with each turn and knot.  It hurt.  The rope was ruff.  His wrists were beating with his pulse as he hands turned blue.

They moved him to the center of the abandoned barn and lowered a rope down from a winch in the rafters.

There was not much Jake could do except brace himself.  They looped it between his wrists, knotted it, then heaved him up until his feet were several inches off the ground.  Jake felt if his arm pits would explode, as all his muscular bulk weight now hung from his bound wrists.


"I figured that was it, I would be left hanging from my wrists, gagged.  I at one thought, when I was alone, I could bend my arms up and get my mouth to my hands, rip off the gag, and bite the ropes so I could get free.  Then I would make a run for it.  But they were not finished with me yet.  Now I would be roped up so tight, any escape would be hopeless."

Jake gag screamed as they yanked his elbows together behind his head.  Two of them looped each arm and pulled.  The rope cut deep into Jake's skin, the rope burning like a fire.  They knotted his elbows together.  All Jake could now see was the wooden floor below him, and a puddle forming from the sweat beading on his brow and dripping to the floor,

"It hurt so fuckin' much!  My whole plan was shot, since there was no way I could bend my arms.  My chin was down to my chest.  It made it hard to breath.  I prayed this was it, but the bastards continued to bind me!"

They weaved the coarse rope around Jake's biceps, pulling them as closed as they could, almost touching, and after tying his upper arms up, lashed them to his neck.  Jake's eyes were popping out of their sockets, wide with terror now.  Using the tape, the circled his lower arms from his tied wrists to his tied elbows.  Jake was moaning now, a low, constant groan coming deep from inside of him.

"They began to strip me.  They cut off my shirt.  My chest glistened with sweat.  Pulling off my tennis shoes and mu socks, they depantsed me until I was left only in my Hanes shorts.  They took the tape, and began to tape up my hairy legs, the tape pulling out the hairs on my thighs and my calves.  They roped together my ankles.  I could watch them doing this. I could not figure out what they were binding my legs:  I could do anything with them to get free.   Then it hit me:  This is more than just being kidnapped:  THESE BASTARDS WERE ENJOYING THIS> >>> THEY WERE TORTURING ME!"

They bent Jays legs behind him, and took a rope from between his ankles and tied it to the rope between his elbows.  Finally they took a sack and tied it around his head, plunging him into darkness!


Strung up hogtied.
A musty sack around his head.
Tape and Rope burns on his arms and legs.
The trickles of blood dripping from his wrists, onto his collar bones, then mingling with the sweat pouring down his chest and back.

Jake lost it.

The gag muffled his screams.  He was going insane.  It brought in the three kidnappers.


Jake could not stop screaming.  He had no control.

They took a sturdy tree branch and beat the helpless boy until his screams ended.

"I was left.  My ribs were broken, my chest and belly bruised.  I remember swinging from the beatings. I heard them leave, the car's engine softening in the distance.  I wanted to live, to survive.

I was found some 24 hours latter.

Crying like a hurt child.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thomas' echoes in the dark

The roping was almost done.  The gag muffled my screams.  My body was breaking.  The sweat blinded my eyes.


Nineteen year old Tomas knew he was being kidnapped and held for ransom. 

He knew he was going to be tied up and left in the abandoned house.

He figured they would leave him hogtied or something.

But not this.

His gagged moans were distant now.  They had finished.


An owl was softly hooting off in the distance, echoing in the dark.

Tomas screamed with all his might.

The owl flew off leaving his own screams echoing in the dark.

They had left me roped into a ball of pain.

They pinned me to the ground.

One guy was on each of my arms.

Grabbing my wrists, they  pushed my arms up behind my back until my wrists were by my neck.I was bucking at the pain, screaming so loud they had to double gag me, with a cloth gag and wide tape.  My shoulders stained to their limits.  They roped me like that, around my elbows and my wrists, and tied around my touching forearms.  My breathing was labored.  they tied my thumbs together and bound them to my neck.  Then I was pulled by my hair to my knees, and with more roped circled around my chest my now numb arms were lashed into my spine.

No one can imagine what this is like.  I kept thinking I would get gangrene and loss my frigging arms!

I was pushed back onto my gut, my sweat spraying on the dry dusty boards that made the floor.  They took off my shoes and shocks, and, crossing my ankles, tied my feet together.  I was focused on the pounding from the numbness and did not even notice that they turned me onto my arms.  It felt like nails were being pounded into my collar bone.My breathing was short -  terrified.

They I figured what they were doing.  A cold sweat came through every pore, my belly burning as they pushed me forward until my face was touching my legs.  My spine was snapping.  My screams ripped of the gag!  

All I could do was scream  NO NOT THIS!

They tripled gagged me.

I was hoping to die as they pulled my crossed ankles behind my head!  I thought my neck would break.  They pulled me onto my butt, and circled my legs and torso with tight ropes.



Minutes become hours
Hours become days.
There was nobody to help me.
No way of escape.
In the dark.
Bound into a ball.

I heard screams off in the distance...
Screams of terror.
Deep sound screams without words....

Echoing in the dark...

It was then that I realized I had broken through the triple gag....

And the screams were mine....

Thomas' echoes in the dark!

Friday, October 3, 2014

The kidnapping or Jason and Steven

Ransom messages via Skype....


The Skype calls ended.  "John," Mr. Nunez said.  "We better get started with the funds transfers.  We don't have much time!"


Jason lay on his side.  His arms, bound at the wrists and elbows behind his back were tied to his best friend's Steve with strong rope.  Each of their upper arms were tied to each others at their biceps.

If they moved a bit, one would be pulling the other's arms  and send waves of pain through their shoulders and spines.  Jason could feel moisture of his forearms.  Was it his sweat, or blood of that of his friend?  The room was hot and he was sweating up a storm.

He wished he could communicate with his buddy, but being both gagged and their fingers balled with tape made it impossible to speak or even to trace messages on the palms of their hands.

The tape around his eyes and mouth was tight, and was pulling at his hair.  He would have loved to try and scrap it off, but he did not want to get punished.  The last time he was caught fidgeting in the ropes, his gut was kicked... kicked hard!

Steve also felt the moisture on his forearms.  He figured it was sweat and caked blood.  The ropes around their elbows were cruel...  tight...  above and below the joint...   frapped between.

His bound legs and ankles were also tied to Jason's legs and ankles, Roped at their knees and feet.


I lay their, tied to my friend.  Helpless.  Every now and then one of us would move a bit, just a small bit, to try and remove the soreness in our shoulders and arms.  I wondered how Steve was taking it.

We used to tie each other up all the time when we were kids in the scouts.  Once even we were tied back to back.  But not like this.


The gag mumbled my desperate words.  But I think Steve understood.  He flexed his biceps.  I flexed mine.  WE COMMUNICATED!  I was not alone.


It was a mistake that Jason screamed.  He was being beaten.  His grunts and strains traveled through our skin.  He came to me and squeezed my cheeks.  "KEEP YOUR FRIEND QUIET!"

Our bound ankles were lifted up, and roped was being tied between them.  I heard the sound of a rusty wheel.  Our legs were being dragged across the floor and upwards.  "PLEASE!!!" I whimpered in my gag.  "DON'T STRING US UP!"  It was a waist of time.  Upside down we were off the ground...hanging.
He pushed down my sweat soaked tank top, exposing my chest and gut.  "I THINK I'LL CUT YOU UP A BIT.  THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHMENT ENOUGH FOR YOUR BUDDY HERE."

I broke out into a cold sweat.  I bit down on the gag.  I did not want to scream.  But my screams were so loud that the tape broke off my mouth.  "So this is torture," I thought.

He stopped.

Gagged me tighter.

And left us.

I slumped and fell unconscious.


Steven was jerking and screaming.  I could feel his arms twisting and squirming in the ropes, trying to get free and stop the cutting on his chest and abs.  "IT WAS MY FAULT!!!  DON'T HURT HIM! TORTURE ME!"  Then it hit me.  He was torturing my best friend and it was my fault.  And there was nothing I could do.  I wept.


We hung for some 36 hours.  The ransom monies were transferred to an account in the Cayman Islands.

When the FBI got to us, we were close to death.  He worked his knife on Jason before he left and he laughed.  He cut me up a bit more too.  Then the bastard removed our shoes and beat our feet.

But we healed.  And the scars were fixed with plastic surgery.  The the rope burn went away.

But not the ropes!

"Steve, Ready to be tied?"

"Yeah.  But this time I ant the full treatment!"

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Held for Ransom

They left me, tied to a chair.

They use a lot of strong, coarse rope to bind me.  All my muscular strength was useless.

A rag was balled up and shoved into my mouth.  

Strips of duct tape covered each of my eyes, and my mouth.

My name is Jesse.  I am 17 almost 18 years old.

I was kidnapped, bound and gag, and held for ransom.


I was unable to move.  They used a lot of rope on my arms, legs and torso, lashing me to the old metal chair.

I was numb, both from being beaten unconscious in the van and from the ropes that cut off the blood to my arms and wrists.

My arms were behind the chair and my hands were secured by ropes around my crossed wrists.

My wrists were pushed up behind the chair as high as they could, and tied to the top.  My biceps, already tied each to the side of the chair, the ropes circling around my arms and tightened between my arms and the chair bulged.  I work out every day.  Proud of my arms,  Yet I screamed in anguish as the ropes, already tied as tight as they could, tightened even more and torn into my skin and muscle like a hacksaw.  I could feel the veins popping through the skin of my forearms, which were now covered with a clammy cold sweat.

My chest and abs were circled with rope to the back of the chair.  My pecs and nipples were pushed deep into me, and my belly was also squashed to the chair.  Even though I was wearing a vest, I could feel the sweat trickle down my torso, strangely tickling my belly.  It was too tight.  It was hard to breath.  Each breath was labored, like a stabbing pain in my ribs.  

Each of my shins were tied to a front legs of the chair.  They had pushed up my pants legs to expose my hairy legs and used duct tape first to bind them there.  They they covered the tape with rope.  I would not be able to slid my leg up and down the metal rungs to try and escape. 

They pulled my head back by the hair.  I heard the sound of the razor.  They shaved my head, planning to send my hair to my parents as part of the ransom demands.  I was humiliated.  They savagely cut my long hair, laughing as they abused me,  

They finished.

I was all tied up.

My head slumped, my chin to my chest.  

If my hands were free I would kill these bastards who did this to me!


I stayed still a long time.  I did not want them to find me trying to escape.  If they did, I figured I would get beaten up or tied up even more. I felt like puking, but gagged as I was, I controlled it.  I did not want to choke to death on my own puke.  I could feel a moist trickle from the ropes on my arms and wrists, getting a sense that my skin was cut and raw and oozing blood.  I was fascinated by the sweat from my brow, how it would drip over the tape on my eyes and mouth.  I felt it forming drops from my chin.  They would land on my pants, over my balls.  I hoped it would wash away my piss.

It wanted a long time.  Then I said to myself, "Fuck it!"  I got to try to escape, regardless if they find me.  I could handle another beating and more ropes, but let me try now.

I Knew it would hurt but I forced my taped shins up and down.  I bit on my gag as the tape pulled my skin and leg hairs.  With a careful tipping back of the chair I was able to slip my two feet free!  "Cool," I said do my self, "but what do I do for a fucking encore?"

I stood up regardless of the stabbing pain in my arms and wrists.  .  I walked, blind and bound to a chair, until I hit a wall. I rubbed my face against it, until I got my eyes and mouth free.  I spit out the rag, and finally puked.  I looked around...

There were two windows at the end of the room, one broken and covered with and old cloth.  I walked toward it.  I got near the light and turned to look as best I would at my upper arms....  blue under the rope, the rope caked with dry blood.  I was glad they were numb!  

I looked out the window.  LUCK!  I was on the first floor!

There was a old road in front of the house.  I stepped through the window, and dropped, gratefully landing on my feet, and not on my arms!  There was nobody around. I began to run down the road, all tied up to a chair!  That must have been a funny site.

I run until I was out of breath, painting for hair.


I saw this kid, all tied up to a chair, sitting in the middle of the road!  "Are you Jesse Young the guy who was kidnapped?"  "Yes, please untie me."  I pulled out a knife and began to cut the ropes off the boy.  I play tie up games with my friends\ but I never saw rope burn like this kid had on his arms and wrists! I helped Jess into the truck.  He devoured some candy bars and bottles water.  This was the middle of nowhere, yet I had a weak cell single!   I dialed 911.


I was overwhelmed.  I leaned over to Justin, who just cut me loose, and wept loudly in his arms.  I told him what happened to me, how tight I was tied up.  They I caught myself.  "I had a hardon the whole time!  It was fucking awesome!  To be kidnapped and bound and left to escape!"

"Listen.  I hear the sirens.  Help is almost here Jess.  By the way, I and some friend role play kidnap games.  So if you ever want.....

Jesse replied.  "Here they come.  Here's my cell number Justin.  Call me when I get out of the hospital!"