Saturday, August 23, 2014

The kidnapping of Alex Ramos

They quickly taped my wrists and feet and put me into the back of the truck.

I sat as of them turned and looked me in the face...

"Ramos, you're being kidnapped.  Don't make any trouble, and you will not be hurt.  I'll be tying you up soon.  If I see you causing or trying to work your bonds, I will beat the living shit our of you.  Understand?"

"I understand," I said, my heart racing in my chest, the sweat beading on my brow."

"Now I'm going to gag you boy."

Reluctantly I opened my mouth for the knotted bandanna to go between my teeth.   He tied is at the back of my head and put a wide strip of duct tape across my mouth and cheeks.

"Now, close your eyes Ramos."

I closed my eyes.  He duct taped them.

"Now lie down on the seat and don't move or make a sound."

I turned over onto my belly, my legs on the floor.  He hands grabbed my wrists and tugged, checking the tape.  "I'm going to enjoy tying you up boy," he said.

My mind was exploding with anticipation...  I was going to be tied up, this time not by my friends in a game when I was a kid....

...but this time for real!



When we finally stopped, the ripped the tape from my eyes and cut my ankles, leaving me gagged with my wrists still taped behind my back.  I got out of the cab and looked around.

The second one was in front of me...

"Now you follow me boy."

With the other one behind me we trekked through some woods.  I was sweating profusely, and it attracted swarms of bugs that flew around my head, getting into my eyes and ears.  I kept shaking my head to get the off as the one behind me laugh at my misery.  "Get used to those bugs, Ramos.  Wait to I string you up!"

"Strung up?"  Hanging from my wrists, or worse from my feet?  Or hung by my arms - torture?"  I figured he was going to tie me to a chair or hogtie me or something.  But strung up?

 As I walked my mind flashed with images of hanging by the wrists, soaked with sweat, and being eaten alive by bugs.


"Welcome to your new home Ramos."

A third kidnapper appeared, holding a semi-automatic rifle on me.

"Get inside"

I was very scared but did not show my fear.  I'm built.  I'm tough.  "I can take this," I kept saying to myself.  "I can handle this."

I moved through the doorway.  One inside I gasped...  I panicked.  I began to kick and scream, even though I was gagged....

This was a noose in the middle of the barn, hanging from the rafters.  I was going to be strung up by my neck!

I had no chance.  The wrestled my down, three against one.  I was kicked hard in the balls, double over with pain, licked in my gut a few times.  I was defeated. The cut the tape off my wrists, stripped of my shirt, and professionally tied me up!"


I was in a daze.
I was dizzy.
The noose was snug. not tight...
But I had to stand at perfect attention...

If I sagged, I'd choke.

And I knew I could not stay like this indefinitely.

I forced myself to stay calm.

"Think Alex, thing.... what the fuck do I do now?  Get my arms free.  But how?"

 One thing I was sure of...  to get out of these ropes.... it was going to fucking hurt!

I've had rope burn in the past.  But this would be different.  I would have to skin my arms raw.  They had taken the ransom photos.  I heard the truck start.  They drove away.  I waited my time....  Silence.  "Let's rock and roll," I told myself as I grit my teeth into the bandanna gag and began to work the ropes.


I can't believe I was able to free myself.  The kid who tied me up made one mistake.  the knot on my wrists was reachable by my fingers. I twisted my wrists as much as a could and worked the knot with my numb fingers. They were moist.  The ropes had cut my wrists.  The hardest part was working the ropes and staying at perfect attention, not moving, not tightening the noose around my neck.   My hands were so numb at first I did not realize that the ropes dropped of.  Then I went to work on my arms.  There was a lot of rope, but I had some leverage now and could bend my hands up behind my back and pull on the rope.  As I pulled down I flexed and wiggled my upper arms.  The rope torn at my skin.  I just had to get the rope down below one of my elbows, and get one arm free.  I was sweating like a pig.  My heart was pounding away.  So close.  It fucking hurt but finally I got my left arm free!  I loosened the noose and finally got it off of my neck.  In a few moments my arms were free and I untied my legs and feet.  I grabbed my shirt and put it on...

I looked at the floor...

I spied a knife.....   I reach for it and made a cut...

I wanted a souvenir..


My buddies listened to my story in all its detail.  But there was something more that I wanted.....

Something more than my ordeal..

"This time guys I don't want to be able to get out!"

Thursday, August 7, 2014


This is where the kept me.
They tied me up, beat me up and tortured me.
And then left me half dead......

Some of the rope is still here that was used to bind me.

These are some of the old rags they used to gag me.

They marched me in.  My hands were behind my head.  They put me on my knees and tied rope around my left wrists, pulled my arms behind me, and bound my two wrists together, circling both wrists, crossing over, and tightening between my two wrists.  My hands felt they were going to explode!  The turned blue and quickly numbed up.  Meanwhile another shoved the filthy rags into my mouth.  I needed all my control not to puke.  Tying rope between my teeth and around my head secured the gag.  They pushed me forward onto the floor, crossed my ankles and tied them.  Bending my legs, one sat on my shins bringing my ankles a scant two inches from my wrists, which here hogtied together. Dropping a strong rope from a rusty pulley in the ceiling, they tied it to the hogtie and hoisted me up.  I was left hanging like that for a while, my sweat dripping from my chin, puddling on the wooden floor below me.

When the returned I was numb.  My shoulders were being ripped from my body.  The let me down and began to use more rope on me.  The forced together my forearms.  My shoulders, already strained, dislocated.  I howled in my gag like a wounded animal.  The intense pain was blinding my mind but I realized that now my elbows were lashed together, and the middle of my forearms ropes, cutting into my muscle. Rope was looped around my forearms, and a rusty pipe put between the cords, and turned, bringing my forearms together and tied off.  I only imagined gangrene setting in and I realized, I was going to loose my arms.  A wave of panic came over me, I and jerked, only magnifying my agony and providing entertainment to me abductors.

The worked my legs, binding my knees together.  Still hogtied, they put me on my knees. They tore open my shirt and roped my upper torso from my pecs to my abs, the the rope scoring deep burn on my flesh.  It was hard to breath, my mind was wandering in darkness, and my sweet was burning my eyes.  Putting me on my knees, the dropped the rope from the ceiling, this time tying it to the ropes that had brought my upper arms a few inches apart.  So I was left balancing on my knees, my arms squiring blood.

They tore my shirt off of me and now blindfolded me with it.  I felt them remove my belt.  They were behind me.  I was tense, not knowing what they were going to do.

They beat me, using the belt, over and over again, lashing at my bound arms and hands.  I lost consciousness.  They threw a bucket of water in my face, came in from of me and completed the beating of my chest and abs.  Someone grabbed my cheeks and I could smell his breath......  He squeezed my face.  "You are going to die bastard!"

The beat me until there was nothing left of me but a bound, bloody mess.


I survived.  I was discovered.
It took me weeks to heal.
I still have the scars on my arms.

I found out that I like being tied up.

So, I got involved with some new friends.

And they tie me up.

And leave me.


Monday, August 4, 2014