Sunday, May 3, 2015

One year ago today.

"They kept us tied up all the time.  When it came to making ransom photos, they would string us up and beat the crap out of us. Then leave us broken, and hogtied.  Our screams were videoed to move our families to quickly pay the ransom.  It's hard to believe it was one year ago today."

"So they bound my lower arms together behind my back, They tied my left wrist to my right bicep, and my right wrist to me left one.  Then the hauled me up and I hung from my arms. They used a baseball bat on me!  When they cracked a few ribs, they cut me down and hogtied me."

"Racked. Hanging mid air spread-eagled.  That was torture in itself.  But the tied plastic bag around my head and recorded me gasping, panting and squirming for breath.  I lost consciousness.  I thought I died but came to, hogtied and gagged."

"I was swinging from the blows of the bat.  They would strike my gut, and then my arms and hands, back and forth.  When they finished, my wrists were both broken as well as one of my arms.  My belly was black and blue.  They cut me down, and put me in a hogtie."

"All this rope was one me, binding my arms behind my back, around my chest and legs.  I could hear  THUD/SCREAM - THUD/BEGGING.  I knew I was last.  They dragged me in.  There were my friends, hogtied, moaning in pain.  I was strung up, and soon I heard the thuds and my own screams."


Saturday, April 25, 2015

The kidnapping of Eddie

It was hot.
I must have walked at least 3 miles.
A gun at my back.
Being pulled by a rope by the one in front of me.

I asked for water, for I was parched with thirst.
They laughed.
I begged them to loosen my wrists, just a bit, for they burned.
They moved the blindfold into a gag.
At least I could see.

A long abandoned ranch.
I shivered.
I was going to be put there.
Bound and gagged.

They pushed me inside.

When I saw the noose, I began to struggle, but with my arms tied I had no chance.  They quickly tied my legs and my feet.  They tightened my arms even more, until they touched behind my back.  My diaphragm expanded.  Every breath was torture. Sweat dripped from every pore in my body.  They dragged me to where the noose was, and put it over my neck, and tightened it.  My chin was pulled back, I was just at the choking point.  My heart raced in my chest.   They tied a rag around my eyes, I was plunged into darkness.

They began to cut my shirt off of me and pulling it from the ropes binding me.  Whipping the sweat off me me with it, and moving ropes to bare my pecs, the wrote with a marker, " $1MIL " accross my chest.

I heard the clicking of a camera.  They were taking pictures of me tied up and strung up.  Then they checked the ropes, one last time.  I heard them leave.  I heard an engine start.  I heard them go away leaving me.


I flexed to expand the ropes only getting rope burn.
I twisted my wrists only cutting them...
My fingers fumbled for knots but found none.

I never felt so helpless, so scared in my life.

The blindfold was not secured well, and I was able to get it up to my brow. 

The rope was tied to some wood in the ceiling.  The water stains were fresh.  "Could the wood have rotted?" I asked myself.  If it did, and if I dropped my weight, maybe it would brake and I would fall to the floor; however, if it did not, I could choke to death!  I looked a long time staring at that spot.  I reasoned that, sooner or latter, having no water or food,my legs would buckle.  It was only a matter of time.

I made up my mind.

I pulled up my legs.

The noose tightened around my neck.  I panicked, gasping, and almost blacked out when I crashed hard onto the floor.

I kept shaking my head.  I at least could breath and was free from the noose.  But I was till all tied up?  "What would I do for an encore?"

While my arms and wrists were useless, that had poorly tied my legs and feet since I was bucking when they secured them.  With some wiggling of my legs and ankles, I got them free.  I stumbled to me feet.

Looking around for a knife or anything sharp to cut the ropes, I saw a stream in the distance.  I needed water bad...

 I climbed through a broken window and made my way to it, got down and sucked water through the bandanna that was still gagging me.  Then I turned and put my back into the cool water.  I was a large relief to the burning of my arms and wrists.  As I lay there, I spotted a tree with very rough bark.

 I wondered, if I kept rubbing my back against it, a began to fray the ropes, and I I flexed with all my might, could I get my arms free.

It was painful, for I was also scraping the flesh off of the back of my arms.  But I flexed...

...and in one desperate move with all the strength I could muster, my arms broke free.  My wrists were still tied behind me, but with a back-flip I got my hands from my back to my front.

I began to bite through the ropes that were binding my wrists.  

I was finally free!

I went back to the stream and washed the blood off my arms and wrists.  

Then I began to run.

Run as fast as I could.

Run as far as I could from that place.

Looking for help.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

"They tied us up, gagged us, and put us in the back of the truck, and closed the lid."

I watched them close the lid on the truck, and we were plunged into darkness.  It all happened so fast. We were at work when these guys came in with guns and tied us up, gagged us, and put us in the truck.  We were told not to make a sound, not to move, or they would shoot right into the truck bed. It was a long, bumpy ride.  We kept smashing into each other.  I fumbled with the ropes around my wrists, good and tight.  It was hot and getting hotter.  The sun was beaming down on the black cover.  I was soaked with sweat.  We road for hours and hours.  I kept think to myself, "Are we hostages, are we kidnapped, are they going to hurt us, torture us, or just kill us outright?"  Even though I was sweating like a pig, a cold chill came over me, a chill of fright and terror.  Again I worked the ropes, but no knots could I find.  I just lay there with the others, fear in the pit of my gut.

We finally stopped.

They opened the lid.

It was dusk.

The sun had just set.

They cut my hogtie and freed my ankles.

Grabbing my arms they pulled me out of the truck.

A short distance away stood a almost collapsed building.  

With a rifle butt in my back I walked inside.  The other stayed by the truck watching the others.

I walked in, and there was a third person, starring at a knife.

Without batting and eye he spoke....

I was kicked to the ground, he cut my hands free, pulled off my shirt, boots and socks, and hogtied me with a strong rope.

Then they tied my toes, and left me as the torture increased minute by minute.


There we were, the three of us, hogtied on the floor.  The one with the knife was on me now, tying my arms together behind my back, my knees, and duct taping my eyes and over the gag.  He took his knife and ran it on the soles of my feet.  My whole body stiffened up, and I was moaning, for the knife was tickling my feet.  Then he stopped, and they began to tie my toes and feet.  At first it was painful, but as he did his work, the pain became too much.  I was straining my arms to escape, which was hopeless.  They finished.

I was screaming now, so loudly they even the gag could not stifle the sound.  He pulled my head up by my hair....  "Keep screaming boy, it will be good for the ransom video.  And you better pray that they pay, or else I will be sending them your toes in a box."  They left me like that, my feet tortured, screaming until my throat was raw.


One of us needed to be made an example.  I was on my belly, tightly hogtied.  I did not know what was worse, the pain in my arms from the ropes or my feet.  All I knew was that my arms felt dead and my feet burned.  I tried to free myself.  Too tight.  My fingers could reach the heals of my feet, but not the contraption tied between my toes.

They came and cut my hogtie free.  They removed the contraption from my toes, and dragged me.  They dropped me onto the floor, my weight crashing my bound arms.  I howled in pain.

They strung me up by my feet.
Took off my belt.
And beat the crap out of me.

"SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM" he demanded.

"There was no fucking way I would give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream!"  He was insane with rage.  He even pulled out my gag, ripped open my shirt and cut me up.  Maybe because I was a Marine... he could not break me.

They packed up and left.

The roof I was stung up to was rotten wood.  It broke and I fell to the floor, on top of the hay.  I rolled my body around to the others, pulled the thing out of their feet, and with my fingers fumbled the knows until one was free.

Yeah, he finally got me untied.  I got him free and we both got the other one free.  We could not stand because of the torture to our feet, so we crawled out on our hands and knees looking for help.