Thursday, August 7, 2014


This is where the kept me.
They tied me up, beat me up and tortured me.
And then left me half dead......

Some of the rope is still here that was used to bind me.

These are some of the old rags they used to gag me.

They marched me in.  My hands were behind my head.  They put me on my knees and tied rope around my left wrists, pulled my arms behind me, and bound my two wrists together, circling both wrists, crossing over, and tightening between my two wrists.  My hands felt they were going to explode!  The turned blue and quickly numbed up.  Meanwhile another shoved the filthy rags into my mouth.  I needed all my control not to puke.  Tying rope between my teeth and around my head secured the gag.  They pushed me forward onto the floor, crossed my ankles and tied them.  Bending my legs, one sat on my shins bringing my ankles a scant two inches from my wrists, which here hogtied together. Dropping a strong rope from a rusty pulley in the ceiling, they tied it to the hogtie and hoisted me up.  I was left hanging like that for a while, my sweat dripping from my chin, puddling on the wooden floor below me.

When the returned I was numb.  My shoulders were being ripped from my body.  The let me down and began to use more rope on me.  The forced together my forearms.  My shoulders, already strained, dislocated.  I howled in my gag like a wounded animal.  The intense pain was blinding my mind but I realized that now my elbows were lashed together, and the middle of my forearms ropes, cutting into my muscle. Rope was looped around my forearms, and a rusty pipe put between the cords, and turned, bringing my forearms together and tied off.  I only imagined gangrene setting in and I realized, I was going to loose my arms.  A wave of panic came over me, I and jerked, only magnifying my agony and providing entertainment to me abductors.

The worked my legs, binding my knees together.  Still hogtied, they put me on my knees. They tore open my shirt and roped my upper torso from my pecs to my abs, the the rope scoring deep burn on my flesh.  It was hard to breath, my mind was wandering in darkness, and my sweet was burning my eyes.  Putting me on my knees, the dropped the rope from the ceiling, this time tying it to the ropes that had brought my upper arms a few inches apart.  So I was left balancing on my knees, my arms squiring blood.

They tore my shirt off of me and now blindfolded me with it.  I felt them remove my belt.  They were behind me.  I was tense, not knowing what they were going to do.

They beat me, using the belt, over and over again, lashing at my bound arms and hands.  I lost consciousness.  They threw a bucket of water in my face, came in from of me and completed the beating of my chest and abs.  Someone grabbed my cheeks and I could smell his breath......  He squeezed my face.  "You are going to die bastard!"

The beat me until there was nothing left of me but a bound, bloody mess.


I survived.  I was discovered.
It took me weeks to heal.
I still have the scars on my arms.

I found out that I like being tied up.

So, I got involved with some new friends.

And they tie me up.

And leave me.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Buried alive!

I was ambushed.
I was beaten up!

I was bound and gagged!
Held for ransom!


This is where I was held, buried alive, tied up.
My are were restrained with strong rope behind my back.
My elbows and wrists were bound.
Ropes circled my chest and stomach, squeezing my arms into my spine.
My legs were roped and my ankles hogtied to my wrists.
Wide duct tape covered my eyes and mouth, wrapped around my head.

A roped was tied between my wrists and feet.
I was pushed into the hole and lowered to the bottom.
I was about 5 feet down.
I was face down in mud.
The roped was dropped down and landed on my back.
I heard the sound of nails being hammered.  The sealed the top of the hole.
I was buried alive!

I turned onto my side to get my nose out of the mud and exhaled hard several times to clear my nostrils so I could breath.  I was panting in terror... straining and squirming like a wildman against the ropes, trying to loosen my arms or legs or break the hogtie.  I only got painful ropeburn all over my arms. and made my wrists and elbows bleed.

I got the tope off of my mouth and screamed until I lost my voice.

I got the tape off of my eyes and saw only the black of total darkness.

Then I understood.
The would take the ransom, but I knew who they were.
So they left me all tied up.
In a pile of mud.
Left me to slowly die....
Buried alive!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Male Bonding

Jake and Ray

I'll always remember how sore I was.  Before they tied us up they beat me an Jake pretty bad.  I was held by my arms behind my back, and then we punched and kicked into a pulp:  bloody nose and lip, a broken rib, my gut jelly, and my balls busted. 
The dropped me to the floor on my gut, pulled my arms behind my back, and began to bind me.  They put two plastic ties around my wrists, pushed my elbows together, and used two more above and below the joint.  I was going in and out of consciousness, but I could feel the fear in my gut, the terror of being bound.
Removed of my shoes, socks and jeans, the used more plastic ties, this time around my ankles, above and below my knees, and around my thighs.  I sensed how tight the ties were - they had already cut into my arms and I could feel a trickle of blood going down my forearms when they sat me up. 
Grabbing a cloth, they shoved it down my throat.  I was gaging, and thought I would puke.  The wrapped tape between my teeth and around my head, tightly gagging me.  Bending me forward, they pulled my arms from my back.  I soon realized these kidnappers were good at the game, and well supplied.  My forearms were duct taped from my elbows to my wrists.  My upper arms were looped with rope, weaved back and forth and yanked tighter each time.  I though my shoulders would be torn from my body.  Then they duct taped my legs from my crouch to my ankles, and tied my two big toes together.
Then they went to work on Jake, binding him just as I was.
They seemed to be enjoying this, making my suffering greater with each application of plastic, tape and rope.  For example, in roping my biceps together, they put a foot on top of the cuffed elbows.  I screamed and screamed as two of them did a tug of war until they were a scant two inches apart. My shoulders were pinned back, my chest expanded out, my diaphragm compromised that every breath was torture itself.  They put me on my back, pulled my shirt over my head, and marked with a Wide Sharpie my ransom price:  half a million dollars each for me and Ray.
Now we were photographed bound and gagged and suffering, taking close-ups of my bleeding arms and puffed up eyes. 
When they had sufficient ransom photos, the pulled me onto my knees and dragged Ray over to me, so we were chest to chest, our sweat sparing over each other.  Again we were taped, this time around both our bodies, to our from our shoulders to our waist.  I could see the fear in Ray's eyes, the terror of being helplessly tied up.  When we were taped together, they kicked up and we fell onto our sides.  The took rope from my tied toes, bent my legs back and tied the end around Ray's neck.  I felt the rope from Ray's feet being tied around my neck, almost at the choking point.  Bastards.  If we struggled to get out, we would kill each other!
Then the fuckers shoved clay into my ears, making me deaf.  The taped up my whole head, except for my nose, making me blind.  And now, sensory deprived and unable to me, doubled over with pain, they left us.
We could smell our sweat.
We pissed on each other.
We shit in our shorts.
The duct tape made an oven, where our soaked sweat from our chests puddled in the tape.
We could not hear or see, but we could feel the spasms of upper bodies touching each other as we looked to escape.
We kept of legs absolutely still, to avoid choking each other.
That's when time seemed to stopped.  We realized that we were no longer just friends, but have bonded beyond that, into a oneness.....