Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bound and Helpless

The Ortiz cousins bound bodies shivered as the cold November rain and wind made the old barn shake.  Their kidnappers had made them strip off their shirts, and then empty the contents of their pockets with it.  Barechested, they were forced to submit to rough ropes that already made their wrists, arms and necks raw.

The howling wind masked their gagged screams for help.

They had struggled desperately to get free.

The wind had picked up again.  It was a nor'easter and the rain turned to freezing rain.

"Please let it stop." Julio prayed.  He no longer could feel is arms nor his hands.  He turned his gagged head and looked at Marco...

Marco, still blindfolded with the rope, could not see the terror in Julio's eyes as he spied his older cousin's bloody wrists, elbows and neck through the narrow bands of rope covering his eyes.

They were prone on the wooden floor, next to each other.

Their wrists had been crossed and bound.
Their arms forced together and lashed at their elbows.
A long, rusty steel concrete rod had been laid across their backs, under their biceps.
Each of their upper arms had been tied to it.

Their ankles, crossed had been tied as were their knees, and with their legs bent back a rope hogtied their feet to their necks.

Cloth had been stuffed into their mouths, and rope tied the gag in place.  Rope also covered their eyes.

Josh gasped as wooden beams from the rafters fell on their torsos.  The heavy beams crashed on their shins.  One of his legs broke!  More beams fell.

They were knocked out cold.

"When I came to the sun was shining through the broken roof and walls.  It was warming up both the barn and our bodies.  With my numb wrists fumbling the knot near my feet I got the hogtie free from my neck.  I was working my wrists desperately when our abductors returned. They retired my hogtie even tighter, made all the ropes on us so tight it dug into our muscle."

They were discussing whether to kill us right now or just leave us like this.

Laughing they left us.


Bound and Helpless.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Captured by the malitia

When the got us to the back of the truck, they pushed our arms together behind our backs and duct-taped them from the elbows to the wrists.  They duct taped our eyes and mouths.  Removing our boots and socks, the duct taped our feet, they pushed us together, chest to chest, and ductaped us.

We drove for a long time.  It was hard to keep track of time.  When the stopped, we were dragged out by our feet and landed in mud.  They cut us apart and cut the tape off of our arms, ripping out the hairs and skin, and, taking a strong rope, bound our elbows together.  They cut our feet free, and removed the tape blindfold.

We were standing and say a old road going deep into the woods.  They tied a cord around our necks and we were about two feet apart.  Then they marched us for an hour though the woods.  Without our boots or socks, our feet were tortured.  Our arms were pounding with throbs of pain.  The sweat pour off of our faces, and the bugs ate us alive.

When we got to the place were your rescued us, we were wrestled to the ground.  Our arms were pulled up from a backs, and a strong, sturdy branch was put across our backs.  They tied each of our upper arms to it, roping it from the fold of our sleeves to our elbows, and bound the middle our forearms and then our wrists.with a rough rope.  Then they tied up our legs and bloody feet, bent our legs and roped our ankles to the thick branch.  Roping around our necks, they pulled our heads back and the end of the rope was tied to our thumbs.  They again taped our eyes and double taped our gags.

There we lay, trussed up and helpless.

Unable to move an inch.

We felt the rope being passed under our bent knees.

Our bodies began to drag on the floor and then lifted up until we were hoisted, hanging head down.

It was then that the beat the shit out of us, braking our arms and some ribs, and left us hanging, knocked out, until you found us.