Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Torture


Benny was awake now.  The drug that was added to the beer he and his buddies had had finally wore off.  He pushed himself up as far as he could in the chair, trying to remove some of the stress of his bounds.

He shook his head, trying to remove the sack.  No way.  The burlap sack was tied at his neck, and taped securely around his eyes and mouth, totally blindfolding and gagging him.

He realized he was tied up, and flexed checking the ropes.  Whoever did this to him was an expert. Rope.  A coarse rope to discourage escape.  His wrists, crossed and tied, were pulling his arms to their limit.  Each of his upper arms were roped from his shoulder to his elbow, lashing them to each side of the steel chair.  It was tight.  Very tight.  Too tight, he thought.  They wanted to hurt him, and it hurt like hell!

Each of his legs was tied to the legs of the chair.  His foot was pulled back and tied to the rear leg.  His thigh tied to the seat and the front leg.

His shirt had been pulled over his head, bearing his chest.  The sleeves of his shirt had been pushed up, bearing his shoulders.  From his shoulders to his belly button, ropes circled his torso dozens of times lashing his body to the back of the chair. 

Benny sat. He could do nothing to free himself.  He wondered why Jerry had did this to him.. His best friend.  And what he had planned.  "Maybe this is all a bad prank," "This waiting is killing me."  But wait was all the 22 year old could do.  


"I taking some pictures of you tied up.  I'm going to get a lot of money from your rich family for you.  Now I am going to bloody you up..... kinda of motivation for you family to pay the 2 million dollars ransom!"


     landed on the sack covering his head.  Benny's nose broke and blood squirted through the burlap.  He could not breath now, and panicked.  He could not see the smile of Jerry's face as he videoed his desperate struggles and squirms.  Jerry finally cut the hood off of the bound man.  Benny tried to see but his eyes were puffed closed from the punching.  He spit out blood from a broken tooth.  "Why? Jerry? Why?"

"Shut the fuck up!"

He slapped Benny into unconsciousness.


His eyes puffed shut.

A cloth his been shoved into his mouth, and tied with rope, giving him the ability at least to breath through his teeth.  He nose was clogged now.

But his head was pulled back by something now around his neck.


And something else was different.  His biceps had bulged in the rope work.  The rope had cut into his upper arms and was oozing blood. His shoulders were on fire.  Jerry had pushed his bound wrists up the back of the chair, pulled his neck back, and tied his wrists to his neck.  Now any struggle would cause him to choke.  

He could sense Jerry was still in the room, still using his camera.  He could hear the clicks.  

"One last thing to do, Jerry said."

The kick was hard, right into his chest.

The chair fell backwards.

It crashed hard onto the floor.

Benny's head it it hard.  The last sound he heard before being knocked out was the crack of his both upper arms breaking as all his weight and that of the chair crushed them.


The cold water splashed onto his face brought him back.  He was upright now --- Jerry had lifted back the chair.  

Jerry looked down at Benny's broken, roped body.

"Got the money buddy.  Two million dollars transferred into an account in the Cayman Islands."

Benny just groaned.  This was it he thought.

"Now just one last thing to do, Jerry said."

And Benny gagged screams echoed off the walls.

Friday, October 24, 2014

They got Jake strung up!


Twenty-one year old Jake Hammond was was coughing into his gag. They had beaten him pretty bad, pounding his gut with their fists as he was held by his arms.  He collapsed to his knees, panting for breath.  One of them squeezed his cheeks:  WE'RE GOING TO STRING UP UP BOY LIKE A DEER FOR BUTCHERING!  Jake could not talk.  A rolled up rage had been shoved down his throat when they abducted him from the gym.  Thick Gorilla tape was put between his teeth and around his head until his whole mouth was covered with wads of tape.  He heard the rattle of keys.  The handcuffs were removed and his arms were pulled from behind his back to his front.  Jake looked at the deep marks left by the handcuffs on his wrists.

The brought in rope.  Jake was scared.  He know whatever they were going to do to him was going to hurt.  He wondered what his limits were.  He watched them tied tie the rope around his crossed wrists. Around and around,  Then between.  Tightening more with each turn and knot.  It hurt.  The rope was ruff.  His wrists were beating with his pulse as he hands turned blue.

They moved him to the center of the abandoned barn and lowered a rope down from a winch in the rafters.

There was not much Jake could do except brace himself.  They looped it between his wrists, knotted it, then heaved him up until his feet were several inches off the ground.  Jake felt if his arm pits would explode, as all his muscular bulk weight now hung from his bound wrists.


"I figured that was it, I would be left hanging from my wrists, gagged.  I at one thought, when I was alone, I could bend my arms up and get my mouth to my hands, rip off the gag, and bite the ropes so I could get free.  Then I would make a run for it.  But they were not finished with me yet.  Now I would be roped up so tight, any escape would be hopeless."

Jake gag screamed as they yanked his elbows together behind his head.  Two of them looped each arm and pulled.  The rope cut deep into Jake's skin, the rope burning like a fire.  They knotted his elbows together.  All Jake could now see was the wooden floor below him, and a puddle forming from the sweat beading on his brow and dripping to the floor,

"It hurt so fuckin' much!  My whole plan was shot, since there was no way I could bend my arms.  My chin was down to my chest.  It made it hard to breath.  I prayed this was it, but the bastards continued to bind me!"

They weaved the coarse rope around Jake's biceps, pulling them as closed as they could, almost touching, and after tying his upper arms up, lashed them to his neck.  Jake's eyes were popping out of their sockets, wide with terror now.  Using the tape, the circled his lower arms from his tied wrists to his tied elbows.  Jake was moaning now, a low, constant groan coming deep from inside of him.

"They began to strip me.  They cut off my shirt.  My chest glistened with sweat.  Pulling off my tennis shoes and mu socks, they depantsed me until I was left only in my Hanes shorts.  They took the tape, and began to tape up my hairy legs, the tape pulling out the hairs on my thighs and my calves.  They roped together my ankles.  I could watch them doing this. I could not figure out what they were binding my legs:  I could do anything with them to get free.   Then it hit me:  This is more than just being kidnapped:  THESE BASTARDS WERE ENJOYING THIS> >>> THEY WERE TORTURING ME!"

They bent Jays legs behind him, and took a rope from between his ankles and tied it to the rope between his elbows.  Finally they took a sack and tied it around his head, plunging him into darkness!


Strung up hogtied.
A musty sack around his head.
Tape and Rope burns on his arms and legs.
The trickles of blood dripping from his wrists, onto his collar bones, then mingling with the sweat pouring down his chest and back.

Jake lost it.

The gag muffled his screams.  He was going insane.  It brought in the three kidnappers.


Jake could not stop screaming.  He had no control.

They took a sturdy tree branch and beat the helpless boy until his screams ended.

"I was left.  My ribs were broken, my chest and belly bruised.  I remember swinging from the beatings. I heard them leave, the car's engine softening in the distance.  I wanted to live, to survive.

I was found some 24 hours latter.

Crying like a hurt child.