Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nate's Initiation

I still hear the duct tape coming off the roll.

Around my eyes.

I still choke on the gag shoved into my mouth.

They came prepared.


They bound me hand and foot.

And dumped me into the trunk.

We drove for hours. 

I desperately searched for knots on my wrists with my numb fingers, could find none.

I tried to rotate my wrists -- chaffed my wrists.

We finally stopped.

They opened the truck.

Pouring rain drenched me as the dragged me by my arms.

And dumped me onto a wooden floor.

The rolled up my sleeves to my shoulders.

Put a large branch under my upper arms and lashed them to it.

Pushing up my wrists behind my back, they tied them to the branch.

They pulled my legs back, and hogtied my feet to the branch.

Putting a rope between my teeth, they pulled my head back and tied it to the branch.


They pulled of my shoes.

Cut off my socks.

Somebody was tickling  the soles of my feet.

I was forcing myself not to laugh --

A tingling throughout my body.

I thought I was going mad.

Soon my feet numbed.

They were laughing.

Pouring beer on me.

And then they left me.

Tied up for the night.

Came back the next morning.

Untied me.

Welcomed me as a brother.....


I love being tied up now.

Being restricted.  Ropes....Tape....

But now it's more torture....

Gut punch..

Face punch.

And left.

With nobody coming back.

Left to myself to get free.

As long as it takes!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Three Hostages

The Three Hostages


 Fred's breathing was labored. His chest was expanded, his diaphragm stretched...every breath was intense pain.  It did not help that there was a tight rope around his neck, so if he moved much it would tighten more.  And to make matters worse, when they were taping up his head to blindfold and gag him, the tape pushed down on his nose, make his airway narrow.

And there was the panic inside. 

Being a hostage.  "Don't they usually kill the hostages?" Fred thought.  At least he was not alone, he was with his best buddies Evan and Jake.  

A cold chill went through Fred's spine.  He was drenched in sweat, and the place where they left them was cold and damp.  Snow fell through the holes in the roof.

If he could only take the stress off of his arms bound behind him.  It would at once relax his chest and at least his breathing would be easier.  This guy, with the rope, took his time.  He enjoyed tying guys up.  I was the last and watched him bind my buddies.  

I would groan as he bound me.  He would kick my ribs.  But my groans were involuntary.


And there would be no was to escape, no way to untie myself, no hope...  just lay there, my muscular flesh compromised by ropes, and there was nothing I could do.

I heard a loud gagged scream.  I wondered who is was. Then I realized, it was me... screaming in my gag, in utter desperation and terror.


One had Evan's right wrist, the other his left.  Then they push up his hands high behind his back.  With his arms now parallel behind his back, the use rope to bind his wrist and elbows together.  Evan's teeth were chattering, sweat poured off his soaking his shirt and pants.  "Please, I beg you, don't leave me like this!"  

The gagged him by circling thick and wide tape all around his head.  The darkness - the binding -- Evan controlled himself.  If he puked he would choke. 

He kept roping the twenty-two year old, between his wrists and around his neck.. his tee sleeves pushed over his shoulders, rope circling his chest and around his upper arms ... a rough rope digging deep into his triceps.

When they turned him onto his back, he thought he would faint and wished he had.  They crossed his ankles and tied them together.  Then they bent his legs forward unto his feet were in front of his face.  His back was at the breaking point.  They pushed his head forward and got his ankles behind his head.  Then they roped around his waist and legs, and put his on his side.

He sweat and bled and shook...  and made a sound from deep within him.  A strange sound --- a sound like death!


Jake had numbed up.  He could no longer feel his body.  Even though his was cruelly bound with a torturous roping, the pain was gone.  It was surreal.  

He was hallucinating. He felt warm, in his pool, jumping off the diving board, swimming laps.. his arms and legs free.

He was flying, like a super hero, through the air - free.

He never felt the touch of the rescuers as they began to cut his bonds.  Suddenly the blood began to rush in his arms... like a fire moving through every artery and vein.  His legs were cut from behind his neck.... they were straightening him out.  All the numbness was gone... so too his gag and blindfold.  He could not focus his eyes, but he could hear the screams, the howls as he and his friends limp bodies straightened out.

As his eyes cleared, he saw rescue workers and SWAT team members putting his buddies on a stretcher.

An EMT worker bent down and asked him some questions. "OK, before we put you in the ambulance, I will give you something for the pain."

Jake shook his head.  "No," was all he whispered.

The twenty year old had been thinking about this a long time -- if he was to be a Marine, this was his basic training.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Kidnapped for the weekend


The four FedEx Express boxes arrived at 10 AM.

The four best friends had some apprehension.  After all, they were going to be kidnapped, tied up, and taken away and held.

It was a game.  A test of strength and endurance.

Something different.


The four boys took their boxes and went down to the garage.  The door was open as instructed.  They opened the delivery and found handcuffs, bandannas, tape and rope, a supply for each of them.  In side there was a sheet with printed instructions....

Instructions to get kidnapped for the weekend.

Sign the release certifying that you are 18 years old and put your driver’s license with it.
Take the rope and bind your ankles together, winding the rope around your ankles six times, then between your ankles twice, tightening the ropes, and knot it on top of your feet.
Do the same around your thighs, just above your knees.  
Again the same, just below your knees.
Roll up the bandanna and shove it in your mouth.  Take the duct tape and wrap it over your mouth and around your head, three times.
Take the handcuff and tighten it around only one of your wrists.
Close your eyes, and duct tape over them like you did with your mouth.
Lie on the floor, prone, on your belly.  Put your hands behind your back, and cuff the other wrist.
Now that you tied yourself up….    WAIT!


I locked my other wrists.  This was so cool.  I just tied myself up!  It was a strange feeling:  I really was helpless!  Somebody could beat the shit out of me and there would be nothing I can do.  I was excited.  My heart was racing.  The concrete floor was hard and cold... I got a chill.  Shivered for a few seconds.  Goosebumps on my arms, the hairs standing up.

I heard the sound of a vehicle coming.  It stopped before the garage door.  I heard two doors slam. I realized there was two of them.  They came in and closed the garage door.

They came to me.  I was breathing heavy now, a mixture of fear and confidence....   They turned me onto my back, and tightened more the ropes that bound my legs.  Turning me back onto my stomach, they removed the cuffs, crossed me wrists, and tightly bound them with rope.  For the first time I hurt, for after binding them they pulled the ends of the rope in a tug-of war.  I grunted in the gag, this was real tight, and very real.  With my wrists bound, one pushed my forearms together while the other roped my elbows.  Again I exhaled loudly in the gag.  Now I was really hurting.  I had hoped they finished, but the roped each of my upper arms.  Someone put his foot over my elbows.  I screamed in the gag as they yanked up and got my triceps separated by only a few inches.  They they tied them off.

They sat me up, and circled my torso a dozen times or so, Tight.  

I heard the garage door open.  I was picked up and carried into some vehicle.

And dumped on the floor.

Somebody grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up.  His voice whispered in my ear...


I don't remember if it was the fifth or the sixth punch in the face that knocked me out.


I was drowning.  The water splashed onto my face, into my nose.  I could not breath.  I awoke terrified, coughing in the gag, blowing out my nose.  I cleared it and was breathing heavy.  My head hurt from the beating.  I could not raise my arms to my head.  Then I felt the pounding numbness in my arms and legs.  We were fools to do this.  These guys really have kidnapped us.

They grabbed me and pulled m onto my feet.

A rope was placed around my neck.  I panicked and screamed as loud as I could gagged.  They were going to hang me.  Sweat poured out of every pore in my body.  They pulled the noose it until I was taut, me head backwards.  My brain was pounding.  They are going to kill me.  "I'm going to die," I kept thing over and over.  My arms strained against the ropes in a reflex action to get my hand to my neck, the right cords now breaking skin on my arms and neck.

I kept hearing camera clicks.

They were photographing me helplessly bound.......

The neck rope loosened.  I collapsed onto the floor.  My legs were bent behind me, and my ankles bound to my crossed wrists.


Four parents found 4 envelopes in their mailboxes.....
Each one contained a floppy disk of pictures of their son bound and hung.
Each one contained their boy's driver's licence.
Each one contained instructions for the transfer of $500,000 to a bank account in Peru.


There I was, fucking hogtied, shivering on the floor.  I lost track of time.  The one thing happened... my sweat from my brow compromised a bit the adhesive of the ductape over my eyes --- I could see a bit from a crack at the bottom.

There was one of the kidnappers.  Playing cards  Smoking.  Drinking beers.

I wanted to kill him.

I began to fantasize about him...  strung up by his wrists,...  cigarettes being extinguished on his face and arms, I imagined the four of us free, tightening ropes on his limbs, and then all of us using him as a punching bag.

He got up.  "Time to check their ropes," he said.  When he got to me and inspected my bound, he noticed the loose tape over my eyes.  "Looking around boy?"  He took some rope and tied it around my eyes, forcing the tape to press down on my eyeballs. "That was not good kid."  He took his butt and extinguished in on my right shoulder!


  After a while you get used to it somewhat.  You just lie there.  Its not worth it to work the ropes.  You know there is no was to escape.  Besides, you only make matters worse and hurt yourself more.
I was hungry, I was thirsty.  I was sore and cold.   I daydreamed of being in a hot tub, free from the ropes and tape.  

Again they came to me...

"OK boy, this is it."

Actually, I was wishing they would kill me to get this over with.

He pushed up my sleeve, bared my shoulder, and shoved a syringe into my arms.  I felt warm, and in a few seconds fell asleep.


I came to.  It took me sometime to clear my head.  I put my hands over my eyes.  No tape.
No gag.
No ropes.
I was untied!
I looked around.  There were my three friends still bound and gagged.
So they untied me.
I stood up but my legs buckled under me.  I crawled over to my friends.  I began to work their ropes.  As I did I looked at my bare arms...  deep rope burns, bleeding, skin shredded, hairs ripped off.

Finally we were all free.

I opened the door,

  We stumbled outside, each of use holding up each other.

"Guess the got the ransom,"  I said.
"Yeah, bastards."
"We were stupid to do this."
"You got that right."
"But we did prove one thing."
"What's that?"
"We passed the endurance test."