Thursday, January 22, 2015

Caitiff founder of boundguys was in a horrible accident

Our good friend Caitiff, a talented photographer and all-around great person, was in an automobile accident on January 16. He is recovering, but he has multiple injuries and is facing a long road of rehabilitation and recovery, with a lot of expenses and a limited ability to work.

If, like us, you have admired and enjoyed Caitiff's work over the years, please do what you can to help him financially during this difficult time. Together we can show support for someone who has given us so much.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Jay's Luck Ran out...

I took stock of my situation.
I strained my arms and legs to feel the ropes, where the located, what type of rope.
Now I've been tied up by my buddies before.  Whoever tied me up was good on my arms but weak on my legs.  Working my numb fingers I could manipulate the knot that hogtied my ankles to my wrists. It was a simple knot, easy to untie.  I was out of the hogtie.

My ankles were tied snug, around my boots.  There was no other binding on my legs.  If I could slip out of my boots, the ropes binding my ankles might go with them. I was lying on my side, but turned onto my stomach and pulled my legs back.  I could not reach my shoes.  I had to think.  I was once hogtied, and I was turned onto my back.  The cramps in my legs were torture, yet my weight got my and and feet closer together.  I bit down on the bandanna between my teeth.  I turned onto my back, jerking my body, ignoring the pain, my numb fingers stretching to the laces.  I pulled at them as long as I could, and untied my boots.  I turned around, and rested.  I was soggy from sweat.  Working my ankles finally got the boots and the ropes free from my feet.  But I had a lot more work to do if I was going to escape from this, and I did not know how much time I had.  If they came back and found me freeing myself, I was sure that would have beat my to a pulp and tied me worse.

Like I said, I was soggy with sweat from my workout.  I turned onto my belly and rubbed my taped eyes on the wooden floor.  The sweat had compromised the adhesive, and I was able to push the tape up to my brow,  The light blinded my eyes.  As I squinted I looked around.  A single room with a window.  I could get through the window if I could free my arms.  My mind made a mental picture of how they were roped behind my back...  wrists crossed and tied, elbows bound together above the joint, forearms tied in the middle, biceps pulled close and tied off.  It would take hours, even if it was possible.  I made the decision.  I would break through the window and run away, with my arms bound and my mouth gagged! I got my boots back on and smashed the glass!

I broke through the window with my feet.  It made a loud sound.  This was it, I thought.  If they are still here I am finished.  I pushed through the window, just a few feet above ground.  I looked at the broken glass.... could I use this somehow to cut the ropes?  No, it was time to move.  I began to run.  It was strange running with your arms behind your back, unable to wipe the sweat pouring down your face.  I ran until my heart exploded in my chest.  I leaned against a tree, rubbing my body up and down against it, working the ropes.  My biceps and forearms loosened, but my my elbows and wrists were tied tight.  I knew I had a much better chance to survive if I could free my arms, it was getting dark, the temperature would drop, and I did not want to spend a second night tied up.

I looked around for something sharp.

I spied a rock...

Looked sharp at the edges.

I got onto my side and turned my body around until my arms were over the rock.  I got it in my fingers and began to hump my body up and down, the rock against the cords binding my hands.  I knew that this would take time, and would hurt, for I kept missing the ropes and cut through my skin.  I kept at it until one of the strands broke.  I wiggled my wrists like crazy, ignoring the rope burn.  MY WRISTS WERE FREE!  Still bound at the elbows, I could at least see my hands.  Cut, fingers bleeding, deep rope rings oozing with blood. But I was still tied at my elbows.  I went back to the tree.  With my hands free I could maneuver more, up and down, fraying the ropes and the scraping the skin on my arms.  It was torture, it took forever, but between the fraying rope and my strength I pulled my elbows loose.  I got my arms in front of me.  PAIN!  As the cramps now could feel motion, I had to bit on the gag not to scream.  Blood dripped from my elbows and the backs of my arms.  The hairs on my forearms were a matted mess of dried blood and sweat.  I got the gag out of my mouth, finally.  My lips were cracked from the dryness.

I had some luck that there was a stream nearby.  I put my arms in the cool water.  Relief.  I drank.

It was dark now, but the moon was up, a full moon, luck again.

I walked now, free from the ropes.

When I finally reached the road, I collapsed.


I opened my eyes.
I tried to reach for my head.
It couldn't be.
My hands were tied behind my back.  A gag was again in my mouth.
No, it could not be.
The face, staring at me.
One of the KIDNAPPERS!
Getting rope..

I closed my eyes.  He bound me.

Strung me up by my feet.

Took off my belt, 

Ripped open my shirt.

And beat the crap out of me.

My luck had run out.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Here they come!

Coach Todd and Sean braced themselves.  A knotted bandanna was shoved between their teeth and tightly tied behind their heads.  This was plastered clothed with tape.  They pulled Sean off the chair.  One held him by the ropes binding his elbows, while the other punched his gut, chest and head until be slumped and collapsed on the floor.  Todd listened, helplessly, as his young quarterback was tortured.  He strained against the ropes, but it was useless.  Then they grabbed him and worked him over more than they did to the teen.

They dumped the unconscious men into the trunk of a car.  When they drove to their destination, they popped the trunk.  Sean and the Coach were conscious now, moaning in their gags from both their beatings and the tightness of the bounds.

They pulled Sean out first, then hogtied him, binding his wrists so close to his ankles that only a few inches separated them. Sean's hamstrings cramped.  They boy felt he was being tortured as he listened them hogtie the coach.

They pushed the two helpless men together, face to face, and tied their necks together.  They they were left.

The fought their bounds, but to no avail.  But they did manage to partially free their gags!

Coach, I took it.  I took it!
Sean, you sure the fuck did!
Coach, we we get out of this, I want you to tie me up and beat the shit out of me!

Sean;s blindfold prevented his from seeing the coach's huge smile!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014



"He broke into the house....
He made me gag myself with with a knotted bandanna and tape.
I had to tie a bandanna over my eyes.
Hie tied my hands, arms and legs.
Then, with me helplessly bound, he gut-punched me until I was whimpering on the floor.
He finished taping and tying me, put me over his shoulder and carried me to the basement where his car was outside the garage.
He put me in the trunk, punched my face until I was knocked out

It is totally dark now.
The tape is off my eyes, but I can't see a thing.
The gag is gone.  I have screamed for help until my throat got raw.  There is nobody to listen.
I am in agony.
I am bound to a chair, steel chair.
Each of my upper arms is lashed to the side..... biceps bulging, ropes slicing to the muscle!
My wrists, crossed and bound, have been pushed up high and tied to the top of the chair.
Miles of rope bind me to the back of the chair, tied up my legs and feet.
My ankles have been pulled under the chair and hogtied to my wrists.
I am so cramped from being in this position for hours.
All I can do is shake my head to get the sweat out of my eyes.

Before he left he tortured me a bit.  Wanted to hear my screams.  Lit some cigarettes and put them into my shoulders, the palms of my hands, the soles of my feet... My body jerking in the ropes like some windup toy, only making him tighten the ropes even more.

I looked him in the eyes, "Go fuck yourself, you bastard!

He punch my lights out.

Now I just sit here.
All tied up.
Unable to escape.

And wait.....
     for the ransom to be paid?
     for someone to rescue me?
     to die of starvation?


Adam was hyperventilating.   His body went ballistic in the chair, struggling and fighting against the ropes.

And he began to scream like a mad man....

But there was nobody there to hear him.