Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Jenson boys

Josh (21) and Jake (20) Jenson
Their hands were on their heads, fingers interlocked.
They were searched and their pockets emptied.

Josh put his arms behind him.

They bared his arms.

Jake watched as they put his brothers hands through the plastic handcuffs, then forced them up his arms as they forced his forearms together.  When the cuffs were just above Josh's elbows, they were tightened.  A second pair of cuffs were used on his wrists.

Jake endured the same:  the baring of his arms, the cuffing of his elbows, the pain from the awkward position, the binding of his wrists.

They put the brothers prone on the floor.  Shop rags were shoved into their mouths, and plastic ties were used to secure the gags.

Having used all their ties now, the grabbed some old rope and bound their feet.

Then they left them, took their Jeep and drove off.


After some struggle they realized that it was impossible to free their arms... all their squirming only shredded their skin raw. The gags too were there to stay... they would need a knife or something to cut the half dozen tied between their teeth.

Jake turned around and pushed himself across to floor and got his fingers at the knot binding his brothers feet.  They quickly untied each other's feet and were able to stand.

They had a sack put over their heads when they were carjacked, and they knew they drove the Jeep through the deep woods.  They could only see when they were moved into the shack and bound.  Jake kicked the door open.

He looked as his brother, and spoke with his eyes..

"Fuck, the middle of nowhere!"


The Jenson boys loved hunting and the woods.  Hunting season was they best time.  They would hikes for miles in the woods......

..... but their arms were never pinned behind their backs....
..... blood trickling down from their elbows and wrists.....
..... excruciating throbbing of pain from their shoulders down their spines....
..... and unable to talk....

They began their hike for rescue, not knowing where they were or where they were going.


It poured.
They were soaked to the bone.
Yet the rain brought some comfort to the shredded skin on their arms and wrists.

It was getting dark.

They would have to stop.

They were cold, hungry and scared.

They hunkered down under a tree and huddled together looking at the fear in each-others eyes.

"So you must be the Jenson brothers who are reported kidnapped!"

They never heard the quads.

They awoke.

Josh nodded his head.  RESCUED!  Finally be cut free!

"They tied you boys pretty good.  Saved us some time?"

Jake shook his head.  What was going on?

"Just have to tie up those legs of yours, blindfold you, and put you boys in the trailer."

Josh felt he had been punched in his gut.  This guy had to plans to rescue him and his brother; rather, he was going to hold them for ransom.

They had no fight left in them as he bound their legs with tape and covered their eyes.


"It's hard for us to tell you what happened here.  We were strung up, like a dead deer.  By our cuffed arms!  The rope was put between our forearms for the pulley hoist.  I went up first, screaming into my gag.  They pulled up my brother next to me.  Our feet were a few inches off the floor, our arms pulled back from our backed, heaved up, shoulders braking, head slumped downward, puddling sweat on the floor."

He shoved the IPhone into our faces as he made some texts with pictures.

We were soon overwhelmed with pain and were blessed by unconsciousness.  They told us we hung there for 16 hours before the ransom was again paid and we were finally rescued.  I got closer to my brother than ever before, truly we had bonded....


Josh and Jake and their friends Mike had called it a day.  They went back to the small cabin they rented.  Beers and Burgers!  Mike was fascinated as the Jenson boys told of their ordeal.

"Hey," Mike said, "there is some rope here.  I want to see what that was like.  Come on, tie me up!"

"Sure," said Josh, "But it's going to hurt!" 

"I can take it, the 20 year old said.  He pushed up his sleeves and put his arms behind his back>

"Ok tie me up.  And be sure to make it as tight as you can!"

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Binding of Brian

I fought.
I kicked.
But it was 4 against one.

They wrestled me down.

I had a boot on my face.

One grabbed each arm and puled them behind my back.

They took this duct tape..... and they taped me.

My wrists, ankles, eyes and mouth.

In just a few seconds I had been watching Netflix, and now I was bound and gagged!

So I figured they were going to rob me, maybe beat me up a bit... I can take it, pretty tough.

Then they would leave, I would work myself free from the tape, should not be too hard, and call the cops...

Then there was the smell.

A rag over my taped face.

They were knocking me out!

I jerked and fought but soon I saw only darkness.


I squirmed the few inches the ropes allowed.

I hurt.

I was sore from sitting in the same position so long.

Strong rope.  They used strong rope.

My sweat has loosened the tape just a bit around my eyes. There was a crack that I could see at the bottom.

I looked up... I could only look up from the way my neck was pulled back by the noose tied back to my elbows.

 Barn roof.

Old burnt-out bulb hanging from frayed wires.

"If only these ropes were frayed!"

I was tied to a old steel chair.  My elbows and forearms had been forced together and I tied just above my elbows, my forearms, and my wrists.  My bicep muscles rested on the top rung of the chair and were tightly lashed to it, cutting off my blood to my arms, pounding with each beat of my heart. My head was pulled back, by a rope around my neck that was tied off to my elbows.   My legs were tied together, and I was hogtied in the chair:  My ankles pulled under the seat and tied off to my wrists.  Criss-crossed ropes held my body tight to the back of the chair.  I would slump down a few inches, that squirm upright again... anything to held relieve the soreness.  My gag was a cloth shoved into my mouth and circled by wads of tape.  My sweat soaked shirt felt like wet rags on my body.

I had no choice.

I had to piss on myself.

I just sat there.  There was nothing I could do.  I wondered how long it takes to starve to death.


They tortured me.

They needed some motivation for my parents to pay the ransom.

The cut the shirt off of me

They Ramboed me.

One across my chest...

One across my gut.

Not too deep, but enough to draw blood.

They had taken off my gag so my terrorized screams made a great sound track.  I could even see now and could look down at the blood trickling down my body, being stopped by the circling ropes.

So they did a panorama around me.

And showed me parts of the video ...  my biceps and elbows and wrists and neck chaffed raw.  My cheeks wrinkled from the duct tape.

At least it was over.  Again I was noosed and taped.  They checked my ropes for good measure, tightening my biceps' bound and hogtie, so not I could note even move those few inches that gave me relief.


  I was tied up for a long time.
Fitted sleep.
Nightmares of being mutilated - fingers and ears severed.
Tortured cruelly and slowly.

Hunger would wake me.

Fuck, I stank.  Of shit, sweat, blood and piss.

I was about to try it, to pull my feet back so hard I would tighten the noose and end this misery...

When they broke in.

I was rescued.

Slowly untied.

I stood up and collapsed and had to be carried to the ambulance by the SWAT team that rescued me.