Friday, July 25, 2014

Male Bonding

Jake and Ray

I'll always remember how sore I was.  Before they tied us up they beat me an Jake pretty bad.  I was held by my arms behind my back, and then we punched and kicked into a pulp:  bloody nose and lip, a broken rib, my gut jelly, and my balls busted. 
The dropped me to the floor on my gut, pulled my arms behind my back, and began to bind me.  They put two plastic ties around my wrists, pushed my elbows together, and used two more above and below the joint.  I was going in and out of consciousness, but I could feel the fear in my gut, the terror of being bound.
Removed of my shoes, socks and jeans, the used more plastic ties, this time around my ankles, above and below my knees, and around my thighs.  I sensed how tight the ties were - they had already cut into my arms and I could feel a trickle of blood going down my forearms when they sat me up. 
Grabbing a cloth, they shoved it down my throat.  I was gaging, and thought I would puke.  The wrapped tape between my teeth and around my head, tightly gagging me.  Bending me forward, they pulled my arms from my back.  I soon realized these kidnappers were good at the game, and well supplied.  My forearms were duct taped from my elbows to my wrists.  My upper arms were looped with rope, weaved back and forth and yanked tighter each time.  I though my shoulders would be torn from my body.  Then they duct taped my legs from my crouch to my ankles, and tied my two big toes together.
Then they went to work on Jake, binding him just as I was.
They seemed to be enjoying this, making my suffering greater with each application of plastic, tape and rope.  For example, in roping my biceps together, they put a foot on top of the cuffed elbows.  I screamed and screamed as two of them did a tug of war until they were a scant two inches apart. My shoulders were pinned back, my chest expanded out, my diaphragm compromised that every breath was torture itself.  They put me on my back, pulled my shirt over my head, and marked with a Wide Sharpie my ransom price:  half a million dollars each for me and Ray.
Now we were photographed bound and gagged and suffering, taking close-ups of my bleeding arms and puffed up eyes. 
When they had sufficient ransom photos, the pulled me onto my knees and dragged Ray over to me, so we were chest to chest, our sweat sparing over each other.  Again we were taped, this time around both our bodies, to our from our shoulders to our waist.  I could see the fear in Ray's eyes, the terror of being helplessly tied up.  When we were taped together, they kicked up and we fell onto our sides.  The took rope from my tied toes, bent my legs back and tied the end around Ray's neck.  I felt the rope from Ray's feet being tied around my neck, almost at the choking point.  Bastards.  If we struggled to get out, we would kill each other!
Then the fuckers shoved clay into my ears, making me deaf.  The taped up my whole head, except for my nose, making me blind.  And now, sensory deprived and unable to me, doubled over with pain, they left us.
We could smell our sweat.
We pissed on each other.
We shit in our shorts.
The duct tape made an oven, where our soaked sweat from our chests puddled in the tape.
We could not hear or see, but we could feel the spasms of upper bodies touching each other as we looked to escape.
We kept of legs absolutely still, to avoid choking each other.
That's when time seemed to stopped.  We realized that we were no longer just friends, but have bonded beyond that, into a oneness.....

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The torture of Billy

They got Billy down and tied his wrists behind his back.

The put the kid and a chair.

"Why are you doing this to me," Billy asked.

"Shut the fuck up kid."

The blindfolded Billy

"Hey these ropes are tight!"

"Tight, you haven't felt tight yet!  Cuff his thumbs!"

The cuffed the 18 year thumbs.

Now boy we need just one finger for the ransom demand!

They gagged the boy.

Billy screamed in terror as he felt them cut off his left small finger.

They taped over the ball gag to silence him.

Billy slumped in the chair.  There was nothing he could do.

Bound, gagged, cuffed and taped.

He waited and waited until they returned...

"Sorry Billy...."

"The some more convincing...."

Once again Billy screamed.  Even the gags could not muffle his agony.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


"We believe that all 7 boys were held here.....

We found evidence that they were bound and gagged....



Pieces of tape.

As of now we were asking the public for any information on the missing boys, all teammates at the high school.   And we publish their photos now....


The sound of an occasional groan broke the silence of the room where the seven baseball players were held.  There were no words.  The boys were tightly gagged.  There was no motion except an occasional tap from the branch protruding from their backs as they shifted their weight:  desperate to find and comfort from the hard floor.

They were tied up.



Escape impossible....


I remember the long ride.  Tied, hand and foot with rope, gagged with a bandanna.  The rope was rough -- it was tight around my crossed wrists behind my back, and tightened between my hands.  The same was done at my ankles.

We lay on our backs in the truck.  We were guarded by a man with a rifle that kept putting the butt into my belly button. 

He said he would shoot my guts out if I caused any trouble.  I closed me eyes.  I was very afraid.


We got to our first stop.  There was a pit in the ground.  They dragged me out and lowered me down.  Somebody tied my ankles to my wrists, put a bandanna around my eyes, and duct taped it in place.  When they had the seven of us hogtied, the truck that we were in drove away.  I turned onto my side to relieve the stress of the ropes, but I was pushed back on my stomach by the butt of a gun.  He traced the butt of the gun up and down my spine, advising me not to move a muscle.  I lay there, breathing heaving from the fear, soaked in my sweat.


After some hours I heard another vehicle come.  My hogtie was cut, and I was grabbed by my arms and lifted from the pit, dragged across the dirt, and dumped into the truck.  I was turned onto my back.  My wrists were sore now, the skin raw from the rope.  It hurt a lot having my torso on top of them.  I grit down on the bandanna between my teeth.  We were all next to each other as we took off, our guard tickling my belly with the butt of his semi-automatic rifle.


When we arrived I was dragged out and into a building.  I was dumped on the floor on my belly.  Now there were really going to tie me up.  They checked my wrists and ankles to make sure there were still securely bound.  Then my wrists were pulled up, and a thick tree branch was laid across the top of my back, with my upper arms on top.  The branch pricked at my skin through my shirt.  They circled each of my upper arms to in, and tightened the rough rope between each of my biceps and the branch, pinching my skin.  When my upper arms were tied, the pushed my wrists up my back.  It took the wind out of me, and made breathing harder, the gag choking me.  They pulled my hair back and roped my wrists to my neck!  I panicked.  They kicked my ribs until I got quiet.  I could not believe they put me into this position, but they still had more roping to do.


They pulled me up by the ends of the branch onto my knees.  Then the circled rope tightly across my chest, lashing my bound arms and hands deep into my back.  I played wrestling as a kid.  It hurts like hell when your arm is pushed up your back.... I so much wanted to lower my wrists as they bound me for any relief, but I would choke if I did.  All I could do was feel the ropes squashing my nipples and pecs.


They put me onto my stomach.  My chin was on the ground as I kept my head back as far as I could to avoid choking.  The pain was subsiding in my arms for they were getting numb.  They were tying my thighs and knees.  I kept wondering if I ever was going to get out of this when they bent my legs. Somebody sat on my thighs.  I cramped.  They tied a rope from my ankles to my wrists and got off of me.  Now if I even moved my legs it would move my wrists down and I would choke to death.

A darkness of terror came over me.  I thought I would puke.  I was all tied up, and I could not move an inch.  Panic filled me.  I was screaming through the gag.  But nobody stopped me.  They had left us... pole - neck - hogtied.


I still have the scares on my arms and wrists.  The rope burned my skin deep.  When they had pushed up my wrists, my bicep's flexed and the rope sliced me up.   The ransom was paid.  The cops rescued us.

It will take months to heal.  I was told I might have to have some plastic surgery, but I said no.  The rope marks are, to me, a sign of the day I became a man, something like a medal of honor...

And the hides the fact that I made some friends who love to tie me up!

Friday, July 11, 2014

A fantasy for Anonymous

Bobby, Age 23, DEA Agent, undercover in Mexico, caught by the drug Lord.

There going to torture me...



 Fuck, I'm going to be waterboarded...


Please don't torture me....


I'm choking..
I'm drowning..
I can't breath..
Make stop....

(After an hour of torture....)


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trevor's kidnap.


Hey.  My name is Trevor.  I just turned 18.  Last week I escaped from being kidnapped.  It was late when I was leaving the gym.  Someone jumped from behind and smashed the back of my head, knocking me out cold....

My head was beating.  I was coughing.  I tried to get up.  I realized I was restrained.  I tried to focus my eyes.  I wanted to move my hands to my eyes to rub them.  Then, slowly I realized somebody had tied me up.

I panicked and squirmed in the ropes.  After a few minutes, I stopped, breathing heavy.  I screamed for help.  Screamed again and again until my throat was horse.  I rolled onto my back.  It hurt my arms but I ignored it and sat up.  I could now see me legs.  Ropes tightly tied me jeans around my thighs and ankles.  I saw two knots.  There was no way my hands could reach them.

I looked down at my chest.  There were six strand of rope digging into my pectoral and another six strands of rope across my abs, all going behind my back.  I moved my arms... only the faction of an inch that I could... The upper roped were tied to my elbows, the lower to my crossed wrists.  This is why I could not move them from side to side.  I tried to move them up, and then felt pinching around my biceps.  The bastards has tied up my upper arms also behind my back.

I turned onto my belly and bent my legs back, desperately trying to reach one of the knots: Impossible.
I spoke out loud...
"Think, Trevor, Think.  There has got to be a way to get out of this!"

There was a old window in the place I was held.

I thought if I could roll around to it, and brake it with my feet, I might grab a piece of glass and try to cut my bounds.

The floor was old dry wood with many splinters.  I was bare chested and the splinters pierced my chest and belly and the backs of my tied up arms but I finally position myself.  I was on my back, torturing my arms, and I kicked.  Most the glass fell out, but a few pieces were on the floor.  Again a rolled over and got a large piece in my hand.  I tried to cut the rope around my wrists but the glass kept falling out of my hand.  Then I figured I could at least cut through my ankles.  After numbing work my feet were free.  Awkward as it was, I was able to chop at the rope around my ankles, and, suing all the strength in my legs, broke free.

I struggled to my feet.  I was worried about them coming back and finding me.  They would probably beat me up and tie me worse.  I looked around for anything I could use to cut my arms free.  I could find nothing. 

I decided I would make a run for it, even though my whole upper body was tightly bound with my arms behind me.

I was in the woods.  I figured this was a good place to hid, but I was pretty defenseless.  I needed to work my arms and hands free.

There was a stream.  I put my face into it and drank.  The water was cool.  I turned and put my back into it.  The water was a welcome relief as it soothed the numbness in my hands from the tight roping.  I got up.

"Damm Trevor, how you going to get your hands free!!!"

It was getting dark.  I did not want to spend the night in the woods all tied up. 

Then I wondered...

"Could the tree bark cut the ropes?"

I put my arms against the tree.  The knot was at my elbows and wrists.  I began to bend my legs up and down, with my pressure against the tree.  Each time hurt more then the last as I was scrapping the skin off of my forearms.  But the knot was fraying.  I kept flexing my arms as much as I could.  The rope broke between my biceps.  Now I could flex more.  Finally the rope broke around my elbows.

I sat, breathing heavy.  I wiggled the ropes down from my chest and abs and got my tied wrists out of them.  Doing a back flip I got my tied wrists tin front of me, and biting through the knot, finally got my hands free!

My arms were a mess... ropeburn from my elbows and wrists oozed blood, the backs of my forearms were raw.

It was dusk, and I began to trek.  I needed to get out of the woods for help.  I did not make a sound, for fear that my kidnapper was looking for me.

I was not paying attention when I slipped and fell and broke my leg.  I could not hold back the screams!

It was them that some college guys, who had been hunting, heard me and found me.  They called for help, set my leg in a splint, and gave me food and water.  They also wrapped my arms and wrists. 

So I escaped.  And now I am 18.  I learned how tough I was.  How much I could take.

The Navy Seals found my story and they came first to me.

I leave for Great Lakes today.

It's cool.  I can teach them how to escape when you are tied up!