Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The kidnapping of George

They finished at last.

The called me muscle man.

And they planned to compromise all my strength with rope.

I figured I could handle it.  But soon after they left I was going mad!

See they tied me up in a way that was torture....

Bending each of my arms behind my back until my forearms touched and my fingers were near my neck....

Then lashed with rope together at my elbows and wrists...

...and pulled back and m y forearms taped....

Then my upper body roped, across my pecs, lashing my upper arms as they went behind my back.... until my limbs were at the breaking point.

They stripped me to my shorts and tied my legs and ankles together.

It was a long ride in the van.  I tried to focus away from the pain searing my arm muscles.  I begin to think of gangrene....  shit, I thought, at 21 I am going to loose my fucken arms!

Well we finally stopped.  Before they opened the back of the van they ducked taped my head around my eyes.  Then they shoved my socks into my mouth!  I thought I was going to puke.  Rape gagging me, two of them carried me and dumped me like a sock of potatoes onto a hard wood floor.

I hoped they would now just leave me.  Maybe, somehow, I could free myself from some of these ropes restraining me.  But somebody bent my legs and sat on my shins.  Cramps--- Oh my God did my legs cramp,  For the first time since I was kidnapped I was screaming in the gag.  A rope from between my ankles went up my back and around my neck.  Panic.  Sheer Panic.  Yet I new I could not move... I had to stay perfectly still or else I could choke.  Now my plans to work the ropes faded away.  As I heard them leave me, I realized I was no long human, just a animal left bound and gagged.

I was like that I was told for 24 hours.  After a few hours I thankfully lost consciousness.  But even in my dreams I was tied up, hoping to be rescued.

It was like a dream when I was startled back to consciousness.  Someone was cutting my arms free! Was it a dream?  But a soon as the blood began to circulate again I screamed in agony.. the pain was excruciating.  I then realized I was no longer gagged and I could open my eyes and see.

It was a cop, holding some of the ropes that tied me.

"Take it easy body, you're tough enough to take this.  An ambulance will be here soon.  You've been rescued!"

Even with the pain, I fell unconscious again.

And dreamed I was all tied up.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Roped in rawhide.


He soaked the hogtied Benson boys early.
He wanted to watch their squirms.
The ropes were drying.
It was hot in the barn.

He leaned down and looked at Jake Benson...

On his belly....
Arms laced with the rawhide...
Chest and abs circled with the rawhide.
His bare legs bound with the rawhide...
Thighs...knees...calves..and ankles....
Ankles bent back and bound to his neck.


He knelt down and squeezed his bandanna gagged face.

"It's going to get tighter...it's going to get tighter....it's going to get tighter until it slowly crushes your body."

"Fuck you," he mumbled in his gag.

"No Benson, your're fucked!"

Jake felt the ropes getting tighter.  He had heard of this torture before.  He turned his head to look at his brother's terrified, sweaty faces.  Four million dollars was a lot of money to get in a short period of time.  His father would have to mortgage the whole ranch!

Jake groaned.  It was beginning to hurt more now.  It would soon be hurting even more.  Be but down hard on the gag between his teeth.,....

"I'll take it!"


They ambushed us and surrounded our jeep.  They were on quads... armed with semi-automatic rifles.  We got out and knelt in the dirt, our hands behind our heads.  A gun was shoved between my teeth.  I closed my eyes, expecting to have my head blown away.  My heart was racing.. pounding so hard I could hear it.  Sweat poured from every pore on my body.  "Just do it..." I mumbled.  But a blindfold was tied around my eyes.  My arms were pulled behind my back, my wrists crossed, and were bound tightly with rope.  Kick in my back, I fell on my gut.  A knotted bandanna was put between my teeth and tied around my head.  My legs were pulled together and my ankles roped. Two of them grabbed me and dumped me in the bucket in the back of the quad.  I heard my brothers being tied and also dumped in other quads.  With our Jeep the four of us, kidnapped, bound and gagged and blindfolded,journeyed for what seemed almost and hour until we finally stopped.


They dragged me from the quad and I was dumped on a hard, wooden floor.  Someone took a knife and started to cut my shirt off of me, Removing my boots and socks, the cut and my jeans until I was naked except for my briefs.  They told me not to fight this, it would only make it harder for me.  They told me I was going to be hogtied with rawhide.

One worked my arms.
One worked my legs.

Elbows were first, pulled together and tied off.  Forearms were next, around and around and tightened between.  Biceps were last, each circled and yanked until my shoulders were at the straining point.  I started to breath heavy.  Meanwhile my legs were now bound.  Finished with my legs, the one who tied them worked with the one who bound my arms, to circle first my chest, and then my gut, pulling so tight that my stomach squeezed in and I thought my chest would crack.  Finally, they pushed me onto my belly, bent my legs back.  One pulled my hair while the other roped my ankles to my neck.

The then finished off my brothers.  I heard their plan.  I heard the call.

"...in 12 hours we are going to soak the ropes."

I knew that wet rawhide, when it dries, shrinks.  We would only have about 14 hours to have the ransom paid, or I could only imagine the torture....

Thee all left, leaving one to guard us.   He came to me, and whispered in my ear... "Why wait?"

My body jerked.  It was cold.  Bucket after bucket of water poured on me.

He laughed...

"Guess it will start in about 2 hours."

I screamed in my gag.  He tied a second knotted bandanna around my head,  Now I was gagging, I had to calm myself down.  I had to wait, and wonder, what was coming and if I was tough enough to take it.


It was a choir of screams under a gag.  My wrists and elbows were cut deep.  The rawhide served as a toruniquit stopping the blood from squirting out,  My biceps were now a scant two inches apart, my shoulders dislocated.

I had to kept my neck bent back as far as I could to keep from choking.

My legs and ankles were raw with blood.

A rib broke.

But the shrinking stopped.

All we could do was helplessly lay their in the ropes.  Bound - tortured.

And wait.  For a rescue?  Somebody find us?  Or will they find four dead brothers....


Mr. Benson just finished tying yo his four sons.

"That should hold you boys."

"The one mistake was that you did not try to get to each other and untie yourselves."

"Now I am going to douse you with some cold water."

"And I'll be back in a few hours."

"OK boys, work the ropes before they begin to shrink!"