Monday, March 30, 2015

Held for Ransom

The handcuffs of Jeremy's wrists were tightened again.  He bit down hard on his gag.  The steel was cutting his wrists now, It felt as the cuff hit the bone.  He looked at his friends, cuffed and gagged as he was.  They had been taken from the van and lead into this old warehouse. The kidnappers prodded the 21 year old to a chair, and made him sit with his arms behind.  It was a strong, steel chair.  He figured they were going to tie him to it, and wondered if his strength could outmatch the ropes they would use..He imagined himself breaking the ropes, doing a back flip to get his hands in front of him, freeing his friends and making a run for it.

They roped each one of his legs to the front chair legs, and tied his knees together.

He had been tied up before.  He like the challenge of escaping.  His legs were secured tightly by the ropes, and his ankles stressed by the binding of his knees.  The roped around his thighs now, binding him to the seat of the chair.

His wrists hurt.  He could feel blood around the steel with his fingers.

He figured they would tie his arms somehow now.  He would flex as they bound them, trying to create wiggle room.

He was not expecting this.

Wire.  Stainless steel wire.

Now Jeremy was scared,  He could always fight the rope, but wire -- impossible. He began to sweat more profusely as the circled the wire around his upper arms, lashing them to the sides of the chairs, and twisting the ends with a pliers. He looked at his left arm -- if he flexed or moved, the wire would shred his skin to strips. He would have to stay perfectly still.  This scared his even more.  Athletic as he was, he was not used to staying motionless.

They were blindfolding him now, using a cloth and tape around his eyes. They taped around his mouth.

He was glad they finished.

But there was somebody behind him, manipulating the chain on the handcuffs.  Suddenly, without warning, Jeremy's wrists were jerked up to the top of the chair and tied off!  His biceps naturally bulged and the wires around his arms cut through skin and muscle.

The youth was hyperventilating now, totally controlled by terror.  He was screaming through his gag, only to be slapped over and over again and told to shut up.

They ripped opened his shirt, exposing his chest and gut.

Somebody whispered in his ear, "We're going to wrap you with barbed wire, just close enough to prick your skin."

There was nothing he could do.  The wire pricked his chest and gut and the back of his arms as they wrapped it around the chair.  No longer could he move without tearing his body to pieces.

They took some photos.
They made a video for the ransom demands.

"No hold still, just one last thing.  Don't fight it, it would only be worse! We're going to send your parents your hair!"

As they cut away at Jeremy's long hair, the barbed wire ripped his chest and gut to shreds.

Blood trickled down his arms and dripped from his wrists.

But for him the worse was his tears, weeping under the cloth and tape that covered his eyes.

They had broken him.

And he was going insane.

033015 JO Pic of the week: Dante

Dante made a return to last week.  He is one of my favorites.


Monday, March 23, 2015


One by one they started to regain consciousness.
Jesse's head was pounding.
He had difficulty focusing his eyes... difficulty moving.
He coughed.  He felt a choking sensation.

"What the fuck is going on?"

He slowly realized that something was covering his eyes, some was shoved in his mouth, something was restraining his arms.


He realized that somebody had tied him up, blindfolded and gagged him.

"It my be my friends, a joke," he thought.  "Yet, would they knock me out."

His mind was clearing.  The new coach.  Invited to his house.  The beer.

"Something about the beer.  "It did not taste right."

He struggled.

Tied good.

He heard footsteps.  Floorboards squeaked.  His bare chest was on a splintery wooden floor.  He was grabbed by the chin, his head pulled up...


It was the new coach.  He wanted to speak, to ask him what was going on, but the cloth shoved down his throat was sealed with round of ductape between his teeth, over his mouth, around his head, as was his eyes.


Jesse's body broke out in a cold sweat.  He trembled from the sheer terror that invaded his bones.  The coach was tying ropes around his biceps, and weaving it between them behind his back.  Something was put between the middle of the ropes.  He began to turn it.  His upper arms began to slowly move together.  Jesse was squirming, screaming, kicking.  He did not stop.  When Jesse's shoulders dislocated, the 19 year old once again went unconsciousness.

Mike heard the rip from his shoulders.  Waves of pain come pounding from his collar down his spine.
"Why are you tying me like this --- why are you torturing."  The gag was good.  No words formed.

Mike's arms were quickly numbing up.  The blood flow had been cut off from the ropes around his biceps, elbows and wrists.  He still had some feeling though as he felt his roped arms come against one of his buddies.  They were on their sides.  The coach manhandled the two players until he had their elbows and wrists bound together.  He turned them around.  His friends weight pressed down on Mike, magnifying the pain three fold. They were turned around again.  This time Mike was on the top.  The coach was binding his knees now,


The fear, the ropes, the terror became too much for the 20 year old.  He too was soon knocked out.

Justin and Jeremy were best friends since the first grade.  People considered them twins.

Now the twenty-one year olds was gasping their last breaths together.

Arms lashed together
Back to back
Shoulders dislocated.
Necks tied together with coarse rope.
Legs bound to each others at the thighs and ankles.
Hoisted up and strung up by their ankles...
Blood pounding in their heads....

They sensed each other's terror.
They could hear Mike and Jesse moaning in their gags.

Their chests and abs bruised from the beating before the ransom photos were taken.

Their fingers, clasped together, holding on to each other for dear life.

They smelt the smoke....

They heard the crackling...



"I felt something wrong.  I heard sounds, not the sounds of a fire that I knew so well -- other sounds... deep terrified groans, like that of a ding man.  I signaled for backup, went into the center of the room.  Four men, handing from their feet...  We quickly cut them down.  There was no time to untie them.  Two of us carried them out, their bound bodies over our shoulders.  When we got them outside, we put our air shields over their faces, cutting away at the tape gagging them and pulling the cloth out of their mouths.  The paramedics were there.  They decided to put them, still bound, into the ambulances, since it seemed their arms and ribs were broken."


They never found the new coach.  He had four million dollars and disappeared. 

032315 JO Pic of the week: Best Buds


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dugan's Revenge


Two guys tied my arms behind my back as Dugan punched his hands with his fists.  These used a lot of rope binding them.  Then they tied my knees and ankles together.  They had a ball gag, shoved it between my teeth, and behind my head, gagging me so I could not talk yet scream, for when they hoisted me up by my arms, I was howling.  I thought my arms would be ripped off from my body.  When my feet were off the ground, they pushed me and I swung back and forth, every motion pure torture, my sweat pouring off my body, my spit drooling from my mouth, misting the dry boards of the floor below me.  One of them pulled my hair and head back.  My spine was breaking.  The other took a caulking gun.  My eyes were wide with panic as he put it into my ears.  The calk quickly sealed my ear canal - I was totally deaf,  With a rag tied tightly over my eyes, I hung, anguished, unable to hear my friends screams as they too were strung up.  All I could hear was a pounding in my head, a maddening pounding of the sound of my heart racing in me.


He beat us. He beat my head, my gut, my chest. He beat my shoulders and bound arms.  I could not hear anything but a sound of thumps.  I knew I was screaming but could not hear it.  I was swinging from the force of his punches.  He just kept pounding me and pounding me, over and over.  Finally I lost track of time.  Suddenly he stopped.  I fell to the floor, hit my head and I was out cold.


Dugan finished his work.  He had beat the crap out of them.  He had cut them down, He hogtied them, cut the blindfold off there eyes, and pulled the calk out of their ears.  He then poured cold water over them.

I was startled back into consciousness.  I became aware of pain, intense pain from the ropes and the punches.  I could hear moans now, groans from me and the others.  My eyes were puffed from the blows to me head.  Dugan bent town, pulled my hair and forced my eyes open....

"I leave you like, this, beaten and bound.  Maybe you will free yourselves, maybe not and slowly die here."

I wanted to tell him we were sorry, I wanted to beg for my life, for him to cut us free.  But the ball gag made speech impossible.

Dugan spit in my face.

Dropped my head to the floor.

Then he and his accomplices packed their things and left ---- left us screaming in the dark.