Sunday, November 22, 2015

All the time in the world

The Twins

They were tied up to the chairs.

Their roped crossed wrists were pushed up behind the chairs and tied off to the top rung.
Their roped biceps to the sides of the chair bulged, numbing their arms as the veins were popping through their skin.

Their naked torsos were lashed to the back of the chairs.

Their bound thighs were roped to the seat of the chair and their ankles pulled under and tied back to their wrists.

The rags stuffed in their mouths were secured with the tape that circled their heads, not only gagging them but blindfolding them as well.

They were dragged until their were back to back and secured together with ropes binding their wrists and tied upper arms to each other.

Their taped heads were bent back so they were cheek to cheek, and taped together in that position.

The words, "odd" and "even" were written their their sweaty chests with a large marker.

They heard the dice thrown to the wooden floor.


Odds tenses.  Even could feel him tremble.

Odds screamed in his gag.

Positive was clipped to his left nipple.
Negative was clipped to the metal chair he was bound two.

They doused him with water.

Even was tense.  He could not imagine what they were doing to his twin.  But he felt his terror.

Odd was shaking, then lurching.  Then trashing against the ropes....

And Even trashed in his ropes...

Finally they stopped.

Removed the clips.

They heard them pack and leave.

A door creaked, closed and was locked.

And the struggle to escape began.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Phase 2 - The Ordeal

"Sorry I have to hurt you boy.  Hope you're tough enough to take it.  Got to motivate your father -  he's has to see you helpless and hurting, so prepare yourself...."

He kicked Billy onto his stomach and looped more rope on each of his arms, just above his elbows.  Standing and putting one foot square into the top of his back, he yanked up both ropes. Billy's screams filled the room at the 21 year olds arms joined together behind his back.  Tying off the ropes he pulled the man's shirt up, over his head exposing his chest.

Billy was heaving his chest for his arms expanded his diaphragm making each breath a gasp for air.

"This will look good in the video," he sad to the tortured man.

Using more rope he looped it around the middle of his upper arms, and again heaved up.  Billy's gasps not became pants as his upper arms were separated by just 3 inches and his shoulders were at the breaking point.

Taking the tape, he now covered his gag and rolled it around his head several times.

Dragging him by his bound legs, he came to where the old pulley was.

Billy's eyes were wide with terror as the rope was tied to the bound between his biceps.  Billy was pleading now as best he could.  His pleas became groans of agony as his body started to lift up by his arms.  One hard pull yanked the bound man off the floor.  Billy's shoulders dislocated and his arms were upward high in the air, his body bent forward, his chin on his sweaty chest.

"I really hope you are tough enough to take this, for you will be strung up here until the ransom is paid."

Billy could no longer see.  His sweat was burning his eyes.

The pictures were taken.

He was beaten in his gut.

The video was made.

He came a final time to the hopeless young man and wiped the sweat from his eyes.

"I'll knock you out if you want me to."

Billy moaned a yes.

Four punches to the face and the bound man was out cold.