Thursday, February 14, 2008


I role play with a buddy my age, who has been in the army and is now a NYS Trooper. We have been friends since the boys scouts, and have tied each other up for years in competition role play. Funny, he is straight and now married and expecting their first child. I am going to be the godfather!
Anyway, he LOVES to play POW Interrogation and games like captured under cover cop. He is fun to tie with rope, for his elbows are double jointed, and his arms touch easily behind his back. It takes a lot of rope to keep him under control, since he is so flexible. He never really stops trying to break feee.
I remember the first time he tied me up and he needed a way to torture me. I was about 18. So he began to tickle my feet, with the command I had to imagine it was electricity and if I laughed I broke under the torture and all my buddies would be killed. I had never been tickled before. I actually like it, though it is madening. Everything from my balls to the hairs on my arms and legs tingle at this torture. It is good to be cleved gagged when you are subjected to this - biting down hard on the cloth between the teeth helps.
Anyway, Ray (that's my buddy) is into it big time now. And he is tight faced and flexed during the interrogation. He has never made a sound (well he did moan a few times), and endures, keeping his whole bound body under control. I did 10 minutes once, until his feet were numb and there was little sensation left.
I guess we both like it. We have tickled each other feet with out hands tied crossed in front of us.
We have more exploring to do.



Gavin said...

Man, this sounds unbelievably hot! You have to tell us more about Ray: did you usually interrogate him, or he you? Was tickling the only torture you used, or did you play with other metoids?

Kirkone said...

Hey Gavin. Well he is about 28. I usually interrogate him. He He is ok with slaps and some controlled punching too,

Anonymous said...

whoa. (Of course I meant "methods," as you figured out. Too horny to type straight.) You're lucky to have a regular bud to roleplay with! Don't hesitate to share more details if you like--

great blog, btw!

Anonymous said...

I like the tied and tickled softball/baseball player. I can easily imagine a scenario in which this fellow gets kidnapped on his way to play in the big game, only to undergo terrible tickle torture.