Monday, April 25, 2011

I like being tied up

Hey, I like being tied up.   Feels cool.  Hands snug with the ropes!

Why don't we play a game, you know, get somebody to REALLY tie us up, like KIDNAPPED or HOSTAGE, TAKEN SOMEWHERE and LEFT to ESCAPE.

Yeah, I like that idea.  Like war games role play, a real kidnapping, tied up and gagged and the whole bit.

Yeah, but who can we get to do that, without them thinking we are nuts or something.

Hey, my uncle will do it.  He and his buddy tie me up all the time.  They are good at it!

Well call him and text us when you know if he'll do it.

And lets all throw $50.00 in a pool for the first one who brakes free.


You sure you boys want this.


We'll role play kidnappers.  Make it fucking real.  And I'll male you a deal.  We will make it impossible for you to escape, but if you do, you can rope us up any way you want.


Each of you grab a backpack.

You lead the way... the old work shed by the creek.. 

March, hands behind heads, fingers locked.... and not a frigging word.

The boys marched through the woods behind the house...
In the pouring rain.

When the reached old work shed...

They went inside....

Droped to their knees, removed their packs and dumped the contents in front of them.

Camo.  Everything was in camo.

We decide we would role play your kidnapping as POW's. 

Now follow every command or you get "neutralized!"

  • Strip to your shorts!
  • Now dress yourselves with the pants and shirt.  DO NOT BUTTON THE SHIRT.
  • Roll up the sleeves on the shirt, Marine style, to your shoulders.
  • Now fold up the bandanna, knot it in the middle and gag yourselves.
  • Take the tape, and put it tight around your mouths and heads, 6 times.
  • Now the rope.  It is cut into 8 foot lengths, firsts push up your pants and tie your ankles together, on your skin, 6 times around and for times in between, and knot it twice above legs.
  • Now do the same, except 4 times around, with your thighs.
  • Now to your knees.
  • Now take the tape and circle it 6 times around your eyes.
  • Take the cuffs, put your hands behind your backs and cuff them.

The six boys had tied themselves up.

The men now got to them.  They worked their arms, knotting ropes around their biceps and chests, and tying rope from the cuff chain high up their backs and around their necks.

Each grabbed two boys and forced them back to back.

Making three pairs...

And bound them together around their chests and bellies with the remaining rope.

And left them.

We sat, roped, taped and cuffed.  I fumbled for the knot on my friends cuffs, and got it free.

He got mine down, and our necks were free.

I began to wiggle my body and flex my arms and chest.

The ropes slipped down and we were able to squirm free of each other.

I scrapped my eyes on the ground until the tape moved.  I spied the old tools and rolled myself to them.  Getting a rusty knife, I began to cut my friends arms free.

With my arms free I made a backward tumblesalt, got my cuffed wrists under my ass.  I slipped them around my tied legs, untied them, and got my friends to do the same.

We waited with our wrists cuffed in front of us.

Those pricks took ten hours to come back.  We were free in 30 minutes.

We came upon them from behind as they entered.  One of grabbed them by their necks, the chain of our cuffs choking the, while another double gut punched them. 

They were out cold.

Now we hand the keys and got free of the cuffs and cuffed them.

Using our own soggy bandannas we gagged them blinded them and taped their heads.  We roped their arms, but this time binding their elbows and forearms together, and putting a rope on the cuff chain, under their balls, up and them bound their upper arms with it to their sides, around their chests.  We tied their legs, bent them and tied them bent, finally ally putting a rope from the cuff chain to their work boots.

We them dumped cold water on them.

They squirmed, but we put them on their backs.  You could hear them moan as their weight fell on their arms and bent legs.  We tore open their undershirts, exposing their chests.

And them we began our checklist....

  • pink bellies
  • chest thumping
  • face slapping
  • gut punching
  • rope tightening
When we finished, we put them on top of each other and taped them up with the 6 rolls of duct tape.

And left them.


Now what do we do?

As I said before, let's play war games, but this time bring rope and tape!

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Jack said...

I always dug the backpack and nho shirt look... One of my favorite ways to cruise.