Monday, July 25, 2011

The Hardy Boys - Revisited

"Tie them up to these chairs, while I'll set the bomb for a 24 hour delay.  That should be enough time to collect the ransom!  And make them tight.  I want the veins in their arms to pop!"

The Hardy Boys were securely roped!


"That's right, Mr. Hardy.   Just like the Hardy Boys you read as a kid.  You're boys like Frank and Joe.

But Frank and Joe always escaped.  Not this time Mr. Hardy/"

"Your boys hurt Mr. Hardy.  They are tied up so tight with wire, rope and tape that you can say they are being tortured.  They will welcome the bomb to end their agony. So, 24 hours and $ 3 million.  Do it quick.  And you will get your muscular sons back!"


The pulled me and my brother's arms behind our back. They crossed our wrists.  My brothers tie me up all they time with rope.  I never felt wire before.

Thin copper wire.

Circled around my wrists in one direction, than in the other, then between them, twisted at the ends.

My wrists and hands numbed up at once.  I realized that if I could get out and tried, I would probably slit my wrists and bleed to death.

Mouth stuffed with rags.

Tightly gagged with duct tape around on heads.

Sat on the front of a mule.

No way to hold on.  Knowing if I fell off I would be run over.

Balancing my body.

Me and my brothers.

Three quads.

Six kidnappers.

We took a while to reach our destination.

Fucking Middle of Nowhere.

The three chairs....

The smell of split gasoline.

a time bomb.

and more rope than I ever saw in my life.

I sat on the chair, my wire wrists behind it.  It was a old metal chair,  My biceps pinched the sides, pulling a bit on my wired wrists.  My fingers felt moist.

I got scared.

I was bleeding.

I broke out into a cold sweat.

Four of them worked on each of us.

We all moaned in our gags as they applied the ropes and wire
 all over our bodies.


They started with the copper wire.  They head back and circled my neck with the wire lashing it to the top rung of the chair.  They circled wire around my arm, just under the curve of my shoulder, above my bicep, and bound it to the side of the chair.

They stripped me of my pants, baring my legs. 

They used the wire again and fasted my ankles together and my thighs together.

I knew that any struggle at all and I will slash myself to death.

My bros tie me up.

But I knew this time I could not move.

I wondered what they planned to do with the rope.

I soon found out.


Everybody calls me King but my real name is Sebastian.  I am the youngest of the Hardy boys.  This means I've been tied up since i was 8!

But to be wired up like this.

Unable to move.

Just sit was sweat.

The roping was not needed.

We were already helpless.

But that did not stop our kidnappers.

No way.

They roped my knees and calve muscles.
They circled my torso over and over, through the sides of the chair, lashing me so tightly that my chest felt it was caving in and my belly pushed deep into my gut.  They pushed my wired ankles under the bottom of the chair and roped them back and up to my wired wirsts.  I was fucking hogtied.
They stopped and admired their handiwork.

Me and my brothers.  Helpless.

I screamed.


But these dickheads were not finished yet.

They wanted us to squirm.

To let the wire do its dirty work.

They circled ropes around my arms, over my triceps and around the side of the chair.

They then yanked it tight in a tug of war.

Waves of pain traveled through my body.

I could feel the rope digging in down to the bone.

I forced myself to stay still.

They knotted it off on the three of us.


They tied some of our clothing around our heads, covering our nose and eyes.

They poured water over the cloth.

I was being fucking water boarded.

I was drowning.

I fucking lost control.

The wire did its work.

It cut through my neck, wrists and arms and legs.

I would have bleed to death save for the ropes being so tight that cut off my circulation.


I wanted them to fucking kill us.  I had no sense how I could stay tied like this for 24 hours waiting for a bomb to go off.

"Ever hear of the Getty Kid?"

"Three months after the abduction, the kidnappers, who turned out to be Calabrian bandits with a possible connection to organized crime, cut off the teenager Mr. Getty’s ear and mailed it, along with a lock of his hair, to a Roman newspaper. Photographs of the maimed Mr. Getty, along with a letter in which he pleaded with his family to pay his captors, subsequently appeared in another newspaper. Eventually the kidnappers reduced their demands to around $3 million. According to the 1995 book “Painfully Rich: The Outrageous Fortune and Misfortunes of the Heirs of J. Paul Getty,” by John Pearson, the eldest Mr. Getty paid $2.2 million, the maximum that his accountants said would be tax-deductible. The boy’s father paid the rest, though he had borrow it from his father — at 4 percent interest.

The teenager, malnourished, bruised and missing an ear, was released on Dec. 15; he was found at an abandoned service station, shivering in a driving rainstorm."

He took a knife and played with my ear.
My brothers screamed.
I was too terrified to make a sound.
I closed my eyes.
He pulled my ear.
I felt the steel.

It was then when all hell broke loose.

Guns popped quickly and efficiently.

Our kidnapper fell.  It took all of 15 seconds.

Two cops grabbed me by my chair and pulled me outside of the building, totally bound.

A bomb squad crew went into the house and removed the bomb.

We sat as medics looked at us.  Our gags were removed.

"We are leaving you boys bound up like that until we get to the ER.  The ropes are preventing you boys from bleeding to death!"

So there we were in the back of an ambulance.

The Hardy boys.

Wired and roped to three chairs.

Lucky to be alive.


"It was easy to find you boys," Anthony spoke opening a keg for his sons.  Your cells were in your pants.  Apple's FIND ME cellphone locator pinpointed your locations on GPS.  Great that we all now each other's cell pass codes.  How's the cuts?"

"Better," King said.  "Just could not believe how helpless I was, and they spoke that stuff of the Getty kid's ear and he was about to cut me to pieces, well, all I wanted to do was kill him and save you guys.  But we were so tied up......"

Yeah, I would not mind knowing what if the three of use were kidnapped again and tied up, could we ever escape by working together to free each other?

Their father smiled.

"I'll tie up you boys if you want."

"You pop?"

"Sure boys.  A tight hogtie do?  Strip to your shorts and put your hands over year heads.  You Hardy boys just have been kidnapped again."

This was too cool.  The three of us were being tied up by our pop!

"And, boys, I want you to know that I just bought the rights to the "Hardy Boys."  Should make some interesting reading while I watch you try to escape my impossible knots!"

"Shit," I thought as he was tying me up.

"He's fucking good with rope," I thought as my arms again started to numb up.


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