Monday, December 31, 2012

"Darkness. 3 days of Captivity!"

"So you are teammates.  Your van was pushed off the road.  You were abducted and held for 3 days of hell.  And you want to tell your story.... well, go to it." 

Well, Anderson, it might have been 6 months ago, but I still can feel the rope on my arms, the numbness in my wrists, the tape on my face.  We they got us, the quickly taped our hands behind our backs, and taped our eyes with this thick tape I have here...

My eyes would stay taped through the whole ordeal -- a blackness and darkness that still feels like terror my gut.   I was searched.  My pockets emptied.  They taped around my chest, forcing my arms to my side.  The tape squashed the muscles in my upper arms.  I thought of how tight it was, not knowing what the rope would do to me latter.  The taped around my waist to fasten my hands to my back, then my ankles and my knees.

Someone pinched my cheeks and forced my mouth open.  The tape was put between my teeth and circled many times around my head.

Now, taped up and helpless, someone put me over their shoulder and carried me some distance.

We were dumped, like garbage, into a filthy dumpster.  It was hitched onto a truck, covered with a tarp, and all of us, Anderson, think of this, all 10 of us piled on top of each other, bounded and gagged and blind, were taken for a trip that we latter found out took 3 hours.

It was torture.

But I could not know then that it was torture that they planned to do to us.


When we stopped finally, they tipped the dumpster and we rolled out like garbage onto the ground.  Again I was lifted and put over somebody's shoulder and carried.  The helpless of being taken bound like that, unable to see...  I wanted to puke from the fear... but I knew if I did I would choke on my own vomit.

Finally I was dumped onto the floor.

The tape was cut from my arms and hands, my hands put in front of my belly, and my wrists crossed and tied up with a splintery rope.  This is a piece of the rope they would use when they tied us up.

Feel hour rough that is, Anderson.  When the tied it on our skin, and they tied it very tight, if we moved to try and escape, it was like a saw that quickly sliced deep into our flesh.  Anyway, my wrists quickly hand got cold.  I was dragged by my arms.  My hands were put over my head.

Something hit my head from above,  It was some rope which was tied between my wrists.  They pulled it up.  I was strung up.  My feet were still on the ground, but I was taut.  The stress on my shoulders and arm pits was awful.  I thanked God I was not pulled off the ground.  I could only imagine what that would be like.  Little did I know that I would soon find out.

We were all strung up.  We were like that for some 8 or 10 hours.  It's like a slow madness that begins to take control of your darkened head.  My imagine when wild ---  not only was I kidnapped with my buddies, I began to think of all possible methods of torture that would use on my helpless body.

My feet slipped.

I hung from my wrists.

A trickle of blood mixed with the sweat that was streaming down my arms and sides.


After hanging there for eternity, they cut us down.  I fell onto a hard wooden floor.  My hands were cut free, so too my legs.  They told me they were taking the gag off of me, but if I made a sound they would cut my tongue out.

They sat me onto a bucket with my ass bare.  I had a few minuted to shit and piss and clean myself.  They passed me 4 cans of some drink...

Here it is Anderson...

Untied just for ten minutes, my arms were pulled behind my back, and tied with the same rope as before.  My eyes were still taped, in fact they were taped through the whole ordeal.  I had felt my wrists, wet with blood and raw.  Now they roped over the same burn with the same rope.  This was tides at tight as they could make it.  For the first time I felt real pain.  It was very uncomfortable.

There was a lump in my throat.

I now knew more pain was coming.


It would be of three full ropings we would get for the night.  This I found to be the worse...  hands all over me, pushing, tugging, binding my limbs.... treating me like I was some animal going to the slaughter.

I would count four of them on me at the same time.  Two were holding me and two were roping me.

They gagged me again.  Now I was stripped to my underwear.  One was working my legs, now the rough  rope was being circled around and between my legs.  I was on my belly.  They were pulling it tight.  I felt it scrape away my skin and hairs.  My arms were being bound at the same time.  One had grabbed my forearms and pushed them together.  I scream holy hell in my gag from the sharp, shocking pain.  My elbows were roped around and between, as well as the middle of my forearms.   Now, pulled to my knees, my torso was circled some two dozen times, from my shoulders down to my waist.  The rope pricked through my shirt and sawed my chest and belly.  Each time the circled me, they puled they two ends, like some friggin' tug-of-war.  My pecs was pushed in, my ribs felt they would break, and my belly pushed deep into me.

Now, fully roped, again I was carried to where we would spend the night, in very close quarters I would soon know.


After the fire that nearly killed us, the only thing left was the pit we were dumped into, fully roped, three times.

They carried me to it and dumped me like a sack of potatoes onto the ground.  They bent my legs back and tied my ankles to my wrists.  They I was kicked and fell down hard into the pit.  Some of my friends were already there and I crashed hard onto them.  They screamed.  I did too when others landed on me.  I could only imagine who was on the bottom, with all our weight crushing him.

There was a rusty, squeaking sound.

Anderson, I hear that sound in my head at night....

A large metal door covered the pit.

It was locked shut.

I still shiver for I still hear in my head the moans of agony that filled that pit.  Look at us Anderson.  We are 10 hunky men, all squashed, hogtied....

and helpless to do anything about it.


In the morning they opened the pit.  I was on top and felt half dead.  I was drawn out.  The ropes were taken off me.

Do you know how your arms burn when the circulation which had stop starts again?

They put me onto my feet after I was free of the bounds and gag, but I collapsed.  My hands and arms were shaking.  Again I was given the bucket and the same drinks.  I smelt like shit.  I wanted a shower.

My hands were tied again in front of me.

Again they were put over my head.

I was strung up.

Those bastards pulled me just a bit higher this time.  My feet were bare and bent.  I was standing on my TOES!

They left me like that for eight friggin hours.


The routine continued for the second night.

Cut down.

Bucket.  Drinks for some nourishment.

Roped up.


Dumped into the pit.

Locked in.


Now I had longed imagined what it would be like to be kidnapped and tied up.  I never imagined this.  Why were they doing this to us?  What did they want?

But now we had stopped struggling in the ropes.  I knew it only made things worse.  My arms and legs were a mess, scraped raw, hairs ripped from my skin.  They were so sore when they freed  them --- they were limp and useless.

Time changes when you are like this Anderson.   An hour is a minute - - a minute is an hour.

I did not even realize I was being pulled out until the pour cold water on my head.

Cut free.

My arms hung, limp.

Bucket.  Food.

Hands tied in front of me.

Waiting to be strung up.

How long could this last?


We were strung up again; however, this time were were off the floor and hanging from our wrists.  Something was wrong with the routine.  My head was pushed forward, and my arms bound above me as they were behind my back.  My feet were tied and bent backs and roped around my waist.

They ripped the shirt off of me.

This is it, I thought.  They were going what I had figured they wanted to do to use the whole time.

They were going to torture us.

For their own fiendish pleasure.

Torture us.

And I did not care anymore.

Just get it over with and kill me I tried to speak through the tape around my mouth.


Anderson, they clamped these to my two nipples on my chest.

The connected the other ends to this.

Let me show you.  See, I turn it on and put the two ends together...

See the sparks?

I was soaked with water.

They turned it on.

My body shook like leaves in the wind.

I was making a humming sound from deep within my being.

My body was twitching.  I began to swing.

The rope around my elbows -- it cut down to the BONE!

I couldn't watch this part of the video they took when the authorities showed it in court.....

I closed my eyes.

They video went for 8 minutes.

I felt tortured for 8 years!


There wasn't much left of us then.

We were cut down.

No bucket or food this time.

I did not even feel them untied me and then re-tie my arms behind me, my legs, hogtied.


Dumped into the pit.

I knew I was going to die today.  I wanted to end this Anderson.

Anyway,  I was semi-conscious went I smelt the smoke.

It got stronger.

It also got hotter.

We realized that they had set the structure on fire!

We were all struggling.  Waste of time I knew but it was involuntary.  I hope I would die of smoke inhalation before the flames got to me....


But then Anderson we had our miracle in the darkness.

The fire companies was dousing the flames above us.  Only the top of the structure was burning.  The water poured down onto our hole, keeping the steel cover cool.  The sounds of the flames and the wood heaving was deafening.  Any minute I felt that the flames would burn me to a crisp.

We lay still in our bounds.  Each with his own thoughts as death was near.

But It did not some.  The flames heaved the burning structure to a side.  The lower portion remained in tact.

We heard sounds.

The firefighters.

One of them opened the steel door.

"MOTHER F***KER he yelled into his radio.  There is a whole bunch of guys here all tied up!  It the missing team!

So we were rescued.  Spent months in both physical and mental therapy.  Testified at the trial, and as you know, they were sentenced to life without parole yesterday as you reported on CNN.


Anderson Cooper was speechless.  Finally, he spoke.  "And you survived!"

Not only did we survive, I said, we became brothers for life from the ordeal.  We share everything together.

And we got fascinated with what happened to us.  We wanted to make sure we could escape from being tied up if it was to happen again.

So we practice.

Want to see a photo Anderson?


This is me.

The guys tied me up.  I was out in 30 minutes. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

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