Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kidnapped and Tied up

"They tied us all up with good strong rope and tape.  It was very tight and hurt a lot. I could not feel my numb arms, but the cramps in my legs was excruciating.  They rag went so far down my throat that I was having gagging reflexes.  The awkwardness of having my arms together behind me expanded my chest and my my breathing labored.  My sweat beading on my forehead burned my eyes.  And then I was beaten...

Put on my knees, grabbed by my hair, and kicked in my gut until I collapsed onto my face.

I was dragged across the room.

There was an open trap door...

I looked down and saw my friends all tied up.

I was kicked and fell down the stairs.

I was groggy.  I looked at our prison...

One of our kidnapper came down and finished tying me up.

He went back up the stairs.

The trap door was closed and we were plunged into darkness."


"I was on my belly.  I could not turn onto my side for the long branch that bound my upper arms behind my back protruded out a good foot on each side.

My upper arms were lashed to it so tightly that it stopped all my blood from moving down my arms.  My elbows to my wrists were circled in a tight mass of ropes, that scraped the hairs and skin of my forearms."


My whole upper body was covered with ropes, binding my arms deep into my back.   They tied my thumbs together, then my fingers, and after taping up my hands bound my wrists and my arms upward to my elbows.  Each of my legs was bent and roped.  A rope was tied twice behind my head, between my teeth, fixing the rags deep in my mouth.  I was pulled back by my hair, and my bent back neck was tied to my two big toes. If I wanted to relax my neck my ties would be torn from my feet.  This curved back my back, and waves of pain throbbed through my spine.


They had taped our eyes by now.  I could not fucking move any part of my body.  A cold sweat broke through every pore of my body and a shiver came from deep within me.  I was completely helpless and they could do whatever they wanted to me.  I was moaning and my groans joined with the others.  I made the mistake of flexing my arms, trying to loosen the ropes binding them to the branch, but it only made matters worse, for the ropes became tighter than before.

So I lay there in my bonds wondering if this was my final resting place.


They only came once to check on us.  Somebody had his hands on me.  The touch of their fingers made me jerk.  My hair was pulled.  "You like this don;t you boy?"  I shook my head "NO."  He began to stroke my bare shoulders.  The sensation felt good.  I could not believe I was enjoying him feeling me up.  He moved down to my feet and began to wiggle his fingers on the soles of my feet.  The sensation made me pop a woodie.  Here I was, kidnapped and tied up and was enjoying my abductor tickle my feet!

"Let's take this one," he said."

"Take me," I thought.  I shook my head NO and he beat me till I was knocked out cold.


I could see a small bit under the tape covering my eyes.  I watched him tickle and then beat Pedro.  They the cut him from the hogtie and cut his upper arms from the branch.  Blood squirted out from the deep rope cuts.

They pulled him up the stairs and locked the trap door.  Once again we were plunged into darkness.

I waited as the screams began from above.

I knew it -- they were torturing Pedro......

I could hear him fall to the floor.  He gag was out and he was screaming, begging them to stop.  Finally the screams stopped......

The door opened...

"Your friend is dead they yelled, and through Pedro's body down the stairs."


I faked being dead, which was not far from the truth.  They had untied me and then 5 to one they all attached me.  My arms were totally numb and useless, I was just about able to cover my face as they beat me with some of the branches that had bound our arms.  I begged them to stop.  I felt my ribs break.  Finally them all jumped on me and just pounded my face.   Sweat and Blood were squirting everywhere.  Finally I hot the back of my head hard.  I lost my senses for a minute but played dead, holding my breath as long as I could.  They just kicked my lifeless body down the stairs....

Laughing the whole time."

I was weeping.  Pedro is my lover.  Now he was dead.  I did not care any more.  I started shifting back and forth and broke off the branch  protruding from  my right arm.  Though still bound to it, I was able to turn on my side in the direction of Pedro.  The sweat had loosed the tape on my eyes and it fell down to my nose.  There was so little light...

Pedro was on his side.  He was black and blue from the blows, his eyes swollen and his nose broken.  Yet he was still breathing!  Soon he started to move.  He saw my eyes in the dim light.... and slowly crawled over to me.  His fingers were twice their size but he was able to fumble the knots that bound me and quickly I was free from the ropes.

I quickly got to my friends and untied them.

I went up the stairs.  There was no sounds.  We all had a weapon now, the branch that tortured our arms....

I put my back against the trap door and kept pushing up until it swung open.

There was nobody there.

We gently brought Pedro up.  I stayed with him as some others found materials to make a make-shift stretcher.  We put Pedro's broken body on it.

I held his hand as we left our prison...

It was not long until we found a road and waved for help...


And now we have a new game....

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