Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We were helpless.
We watched them stretch Bobby out and tie him down.
When they had him tightly drawn, they started filming and put the lens right into Bobby sweaty face.

Bobby grit his teeth, but could not stop his body from jerking in the ropes lashing him down.  The blows from the belt came harder and faster,  Bobby began to grunt, then beg, and finally scream.

They had the video them wanted.

The cut Bobby down, and he lay there, motionless.

Then they strapped each of us down the same way.

Each of us was beaten, until the soles of our feet were raw and our screams digitized.

We were semi-conscious when they finished.

"Bind them and get rid of them."

We could not resist.

They enjoyed roping us up and then knocking us out.


We were tied up like steers in a rodeo.

My arms fix tightly behind my back, my shoulders tearing from my body, circled with miles of ropes they forced them together, and then around my torso, pushing them deep into my spine.

The ropes were so tight around my ribs that I thought they had broken a few tightening the ropes.

 My legs, roped up like my arms, were pulled back and my bruised feet were tied to my wrists.

A wide blindfold covered my eyes, blinding me.

A tight gag was taped around our heads and muffled our screams of pain.

We were moving.  We were being tossed around.  We were in a truck, bouncing on the hard metal and banging into each other.

We drove for an eternity.  I worked the ropes, searching with my numb fingers for any loose knot.  I could feel the knot that hogtied my beaten feet to my wrists, but it was knotted several times.  There was no way it could be loosened.

I was cramped all over.  My arms were numb.  My wrists now as raw as my feet.

The truck was bouncing a lot, and my body would smash against the floor.  I tried to protect my head.  At one point I landed on my back, my weight on my bound arms and bent legs.  I was howling in the gag until I could turn onto my side and get my wright off of my bound limbs.

Finally, we stopped.  The back door of the truck opened.  The air was cold.  They pulled me out.  I was dumped into some mud.

A cold November rain drenched me.  I was shivering all over.  The others were dumped near me.

I heard the truck move away until it was gone.  There was a silence, an eerie silence, stopped only by the sound of the rain and our gagged moans of agony.

I realized there would be no ransom.

They wanted torture videos.

And we had been left to slowly die.

There was no way to free myself from the ropes.
And even if I did, I could not walk, for my feet were raw.
The rain had stopped.
The mud was cold.
I turned my head.
There was a rock near me.

I began to rub the tape over my mouth against it.  The tape peeled away.

"You guys ok?
Any of you able to free your hands?"

I heard unintelligible groans and grunts.

I began to scream

I screamed for hours until my voice was horse.

Then I lay still.  The others were quiet.  I closed my eyes under the blindfold.  I could feet every turn on the rope on my body, binding me fast.

There was nothing I could do........


It was their best spot for duck hunting.  The Jason boys have been going there since they were 16.  Now seniors in college, they once again did their annual thanksgiving weekend ritual.

The stopped and checked their rifles.

"Did you hear something Billy?
"Listen, sounds like a cray for help!"
"Yeah, I do, like in that direction."
"Let's go"

The hiked until they came to a swampy part of their favorite pond....

"FUCKKKKK Jack, there are guys hear all tied up and beaten up!"

The brothers approached then quickly.

"They are alive, but barely."

As Billy called for help and gave their GPS location, Jack was already cutting the bound men free.

Billy got to work on Bobby.

"Can you walk?"

Bobby spoke with cracked lips and parched mouth, "No, they tortured us by beating our feet."

The brothers carried each of the men, one by one, and put them into their quad.

They began to drive back to the road to meet the ambulance that was sent.


We all survived.
But we became best buds with the Jason boys.
And these boys wanted to experience what we experience...

So I got them tied up inside here...and... 

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Anonymous said...

Jason boys are HOT! I would love to be found by them, as I lay there hogtied. I could really GET INTO TYING THEM UP also! Thanks! Moocher